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Red Agent: The Human Order #1

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Richard Ortiz | Ylenia Di Napoli   Salvatore Cuffari | Grostieta Josh Burns Jose Luis | Michael Bartolo

The world has become a dangerous place. Highborns and monsters from the Realms of Power hide in plain sight. Now the world’s leaders are looking to exploit their powers for their own gain, using them as spies and assassins for covert missions. But the Highborn Initiative is there to balance the scales with their own group of super-powered spies. Led by Britney Waters, better known now as the Red Agent, the team travels the world battling the forces of evil that lurk in the shadowy world of espionage and secret intelligence.

Writer: Joe Brusha | Lou Iovino
Artwork: Wilton Santos | Marc Rosete
Colors: Hedwin Zalidivar | Ceci de la Cruz | Grostieta
Letters: Taylor Esposito of Ghost Glyph Studios
Editor: Jessica Rossana
Production & Design: Christopher Cote | Joi Dariel

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