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Red Agent: The Human Order #4

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Sheldon Goh | Sanju Nivangune   Ediano Silva | Dinei Ribeiro    Fritz Casas | Ceci de la Cruz Mike Mahle

Reeling from their recent loss, Britney’s team retreats to their headquarters inside Cheyenne Mountain. But their respite is short lived when an old enemy shows up at their front gates, fueled by hatred and revenge. What transpires will reshape the Highborn Initiative forever and test the limits of the team’s loyalty to their cause, duty to their country and friendship to each other.

Writer: Joe Brusha | Lou Iovino
Artwork: Renato Rei | Ace Continuado
Colors: Hedwin Zalidivar | Grostieta | Jorge Cortes
Letters: Taylor Esposito of Ghost Glyph Studios
Editor: Jessica Rossana
Production & Design: Christopher Cote | Joi Dariel

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