Van Helsing vs. The Mummy of Amun-Ra #5

Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D
Igor Vitorino | Jesse Heagy Marc Rosete | Erick Arciniega Andrea Meloni | Ylenia Di Napoli Jason Metcalf | Ivan Nunes

Captured by the crime families of New York, Liesel Van Hesling must escape before the Mummy of Amun-Ra is able to rise to ultimate power. But even if she escapes the mobsters, the mummy’s cult of fascist supporters, all of whom are heavily armed, mystically empowered, and prepared to die for their God Queen.

Writer: Pat Shand
Artwork: Marc Rosete & Roberta Ingranata
Colors: Walter Pereyra, Fran Gamboa, & J.C. Ruiz
Letters: Jim Campbell
Editor: Dave Franchini
Production & Design: Christopher Cote | Joi Dariel

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