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Interview with Robyn Hood: The Hunt Author LaToya Morgan

We recently caught up with LaToya Morgan, writer on shows including TURN and smash-hit Shameless, to find out more about her upcoming Zenescope title, Robyn Hood: The Hunt.

Zenescope: What is your favorite part about writing Robyn?  Do you feel a connection to her at all as far as her personality goes, and do you channel any of yourself into writing her character?

LaToya Morgan: There’s a lot of things I love about Robyn.  First of all, she’s a terrific fighter.  What excited me most about being asked to take over the series was the opportunity to continue the adventures of one of the most badass characters in the Zenescope universe.  But on top of that, Robyn has taken what’s a very difficult past and channeled it into becoming a vigilante heroine.  That could go super dark, but she’s very funny while doing it.  I think that’s what I love most about her character.  She’s got a little Deadpool in her.  She’s snarky and kind of a smart aleck, which is fun to write.  No matter what the situation, she always finds a way to infuse a little cleverness into it.  I definitely identify with that.

Z: How does writing for comics compare to writing for television? 

LM: Well, the scripts for comics are certainly shorter, that’s for sure.  But there’s a lot of crossover, actually, between the two mediums.  I think the biggest difference is that in comics you get to be very precise in how each page lays out.  In my comic book scripts, I often include image references or notations for the artist so that they can really get a sense of the aesthetic I’m going for.  In television, you try to be as precise as possible, but at the end of the day, other factors like the location and input from your director and department heads can dictate changes to how a certain scene turns out.  In my experience, that has been a very good thing.  Sometimes, a director might see something that adds a totally different vibe to the scene than I was originally thinking, which elevates the scene.  When that happens, it’s magical.  Both are very collaborative mediums.

LM Zenescope Headshot

“I’m thrilled to be writing the new Robyn Hood: The Hunt series for Zenescope!” says LaToya. “This is one of the crown jewels of the company’s many wonderful comic book titles.”

Z: You’ve written for Zenescope in the past on titles such as Goddess Inc. and our horror anthology book Grimm Tales of Terror.  What has you the most excited to be working with the company again?

LM: I’ve had a wonderful working relationship with Zenescope.  Ralph Tedesco is a great creative force.  He’s a savvy publisher, knows the world of comics very well, and has been generous in seeking out projects for us to combine our perspective superpowers.  I’ve loved comics since I was a kid so whenever he asks me to consider a series, I jump at the chance.

Z: Robyn Hood has become one of Zenescope’s most beloved characters.  What can fans expect from your work on The Hunt, and is there anything you feel you bring to the table that hasn’t been there before in her past series?

LM: Without giving away too much, I can say that it will have a lot of the heart, humor, and the kick ass action that we’ve come to love from Robyn.  We pick her up in a very precarious and lethal environment and she has to fight her way out as only Robyn can.  Expect Robyn to bring her A++ game in this series.

rh the hunt 1

Robyn Hood: The Hunt #1 is set to hit shelves this August.



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