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Featured Artist: Elias Chatzoudis

RH_TH_01_cover E Boston 250

[Robyn Hood: The Hunt #1 – Cover by Chatzoudis]

Elias Chatzoudis | Cover Artist

ZE: Can you give us a background of your career as an artist?

EC: I was born in Athens, Greece. I studied graphic design, but I always liked to draw women. My first influences were Jessica Rabbit and the heroines of fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White. In Greece, I started my career working for advertising companies and magazines like MAX and MAXIM as an illustrator. Some years later, I started to collaborate with foreign companies, mostly in the US. I was still living in Greece when I published my first art book with pinup girls, and from that moment my name got out there with new pinup artists.

ZE: What got you into the pinup style of art that you are known for, and why do you enjoy it?

EC: As I said above I liked to draw women-I don’t really know why, it just happened to me. When I was in high school, my cousin gave me an art book with girls by Luis Royo. That was the time I realized that I’m in love with this kind of art. Why I enjoy it? Maybe because I like to see designs with many clean curves. I’m not fan of strong angles, women have many curves. I’m not sure really, this is just a thought.

ZE: Who is your favorite Zenescope character to draw and why?

EC: I love all the characters of Zenescope, however, being a Halloween maniac, I love Mary Medina and Helsing.

DOTD_02_cover C

ZE: What is the craziest fan interaction you’ve ever had?

EC: In this industry, craziness is all around. Geeks are my favorite, and of course as an artist I love them. Most of the fans are polite and they show me their respect and love either by buying my work or just saying how they love it. I tried to remember if I ever had a interaction that made me to feel nervous, and I couldn’t. To me, every fan interaction is normal.

ZE: How do conventions in the US differ from conventions in Europe?

EC: I believe that nowadays, European comic cons are almost the same as North America’s. Both have international guests like artists, authors and celebrities. I’m not really sure I know the exact differences. I’d say in the US, the audience spends more money on original art, covers, and variant editions. Something else that is also a big difference is the language. In the US, there is a common language of American-English; in Europe this isn’t the case. At comic cons in the UK this might happen, but everywhere else the language is different. Although many people in Europe speak English, the communication isn’t so easy a lot of the time. I participated at a comic con in Paris some years ago, and many of the people who visited me didn’t speak a word of English. I didn’t really have problem with that situation though, because being Greek I have the same problem with English.

Elias Skye Sketch

ZE: Who are your artistic influences?

EC: I’ve always loved the pinups of Gil Elvgren. The elegant and cute poses as well as the face expressions of his pinup girls was a huge inspiration for me. As the years passed and the comic industry came to my life, I found out artists such as Arthur Adams and Adam Hughes, which are my top favs. Of course, no doubt J. Scott Campbell is another.

ZE: Do you have any other favorite Zenescope cover artists?

EC: I know almost all of Zenescope’s artists personally, so this question is kind of difficult for me. However, I’d say Eric Basaldua and Mike DeBalfo are my two favorites cause I think we have a common sense of sensuality with our pinup girls. Also, I’m in love with Ula Mos’ coloring, she takes covers to another level with her work.

ZE: What projects do you have coming up that you’d like to talk about?

EC: I would like to find time to start my new artbook with pinup girls, as well as the third Hallowitches Artbook. A new website with Stickers is also one of my goals for the next year.

Hallowitches cover

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