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Featured Artist Interview – Alfredo Reyes

Alfredo Reyes

Alfredo Reyes | Zenescope Cover Artist

Zenescope Entertainment: You’ve appeared on an impressive array of Zenescope titles. Do you have any favorite Zenescope projects in particular?        

Alfredo Reyes: I’ve done a lot of covers for Zenescope since 2011, it’s been a monthly gig doing covers and I’m very thankful for the trust. My favorite would be Grimm Fairy Tales.  Lots of interesting characters.  Among them, I like Sela Mathers the most.  Sexy, dark hair with glasses, I like doing her…drawing her, I mean.  Another cool one for me is Baba Yaga; I enjoyed drawing this Voodoo woman.

GFTHAL2013_cover Digital

One of my personal favorite Alfredo pieces, featuring Sela who Alfredo enjoys…drawing.

ZE: My favorite artwork on your Deviantart is the Buffy piece. Are you a Buffy fan, and if so, who is your favorite character?

AR: That Buffy piece was a commission, I should be updating my Deviantart…been a while since I posted anything there. Anyway, not much of a Buffy fan here–sorry. But I do like her. Underneath that cuteness she kills vampires, driving stakes through their hearts.  Break her heart? Stake to yours.


Alfredo might not be a Buffy fan, but I am. Also a huge fan of this piece.

ZE: If you had to choose a different career path, what would you have done and why?

AR: A Photographer for Playboy magazine for obvious reasons.  Seriously, maybe a career in CGI, 3D…Computer graphics play a big role in films, TV, games and almost all media today and for the future.

ZE: What would be your superpower if you could choose?     

AR: The power of superspeed like Flash, without the costume of course. I always lack time; deadlines are part of my life now.  Imagine if I could finish everything quickly and have plenty of time for family, leisure, and friends.

ZE: You’re on your way to a deserted island and can only bring 3 movies from your collection. What are they?              

AR: The Back To The Future trilogy. Loved that movie and the Delorean time machine. Watched the first one on the big screen with my dad when I was a kid.  Next is figuring out how to play these on a deserted island.

ZE: If you could cosplay as one character from the opposite sex who would it be?

AR: Psylocke. I know it’s a horrible sight, me in her costume.


Alfredo Reyes




Psylocke + Alfredo =  ?




ZE: What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?     

AR: METALLICA. For whom the bell tollsaaaa!!

yeah heah

Yeh heah, YEAAAAH! – James Hetfield

ZE: How do you find inspiration for the covers you create?

AR: I get inspiration from other great artists. One is Luis Royo. BIG fan of his, although my work doesn’t look it. I try to imagine the character as a real person.

ZE: Who are your top 3 favorite comic book artists?    

AR: Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, and Marc Silvestri.

ZE: Do you have any funny con stories?

AR: I haven’t been to any Comic-Con ever.  That’s the funny part [laughs].

ZE: Thanks for your time, is there anything else you’d like to say to the fans?          

AR: Thanks and continue in supporting Zenescope. Do what you love (as long as it is legal) and try to be the best at it whether in art, sports, video games etc….ok not sure about the video games part ;)

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