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Featured Artist Interview – David Lorenzo Riveiro

SelfPortrait 1 Riveiro

David Lorenzo Riveiro | Zenescope Cover and Interior Artist

Zenescope Entertainment: Take us back to the beginning, how did you get into comics?

David Lorenzo Riveiro: Well, as far back as I can remember, I’ve had comics all around me. My mother would get me all sorts of comics to keep me occupied, so it was a hobby since I was a child. I always liked to read comics and draw. Throughout the years, I started out with creating fanzines along with some friends and later came a natural way to become a professional comic artist.

ZE: Who are your influences on your artwork now, and have they changed over the years?  If so, how?

DLR: I’ve had a lot of influences throughout my life so is hard to say just a few. John Byrne, Neal Adams, Kevin Nowlan and Bryan Hitch were really important inspirations for me. Later I tried to follow and imitate important artists like Adam Hughes, Alex Ross…also I always liked the composition and the narrative that Stuart Immonen, Frank Quitely or J.H. Williams III  gives to their pages.

RH_ILNY_09_cover A

Robyn Hood: I Love New York #9 – Cover A By Riveiro, colors by Grostieta]

ZE: If you could only bring one trade with you to a deserted island, what would it be?

DLR: Hm…that’s an interesting but difficult question. I’m not sure If I really could choose one. But if I have to say only one, I guess it would be Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross.

ZE: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

DLR: I don´t think I have…Oh wait! Haha, Carmen de Mairena.

ZE: Cats or dogs?

DLR: Catdog!!

A_GFT Tarot #4A-INColors

[Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot #4 – Cover A by Riveiro]

ZE: I can always tell your art as soon as I see it on one of our covers, and especially in our books.  The cover you did of Nataliya on GFT: Tarot #4 is one of my favorite covers I’ve seen of yours.  Have you made a point to try and differentiate yourself from other artists, or is that something that you don’t think about?

DLR: I think every artist always wants to have his own style. Being original and evolving your own style is a part of the process. I believe I’m still working on that – trying to find my personal style. But I’m pretty close to being the artist I want to be.

ZE: Speaking of doing both cover artwork as well as interiors, can you tell us the pros and cons of each?  Do you enjoy doing one more than the other?

DLR: Drawing comics it’s my passion. Both covers and interiors are fun and interesting to create.  The interior art is always more difficult to do. There are other factors like the composition or narrative of the pages. Sometimes it is really complicated to mix all that, but it’s part of the fun and what makes me enjoy it more. The idea of telling a story is really motivating.

With the covers, it’s always easier to do the work. It’s lovely – the challenge of getting the fans’ attention with an illustration that captures the essence of the interior art.

ZE: Who is your favorite Zenescope character and why?

DLR: Zenescope has such great and strong characters…it’s hard to say. I guess one of my favorites is Mary Medina. I like her personality and the power she has. And visually she’s amazing. Also, I like this new character Nataliya. I think she will have a lot of things to say in the upcoming books.

But if I have to choose, Robyn Hood is my favorite one. She is such a great character. I really enjoyed drawing her in Robyn Hood: I Love New York.

A_GFT #12A-INColors

[Grimm Fairy Tales #12 – Cover A by Riveiro]

ZE: Do you have any current goals you’re working towards in your comics career?

DLR: I would like to tell and draw my own stories someday, but it’s a dream for the future. Now I want to be a better comic artist and improve myself to be the best I can.

ZE: What do you enjoy doing outside of art?

DLR: I really like to travel. See new places and different cultures.  I always try to make a weekend getaway with my friends as long as I have days off.

I’ve also liked to play basketball since I was a kid. And anything that has relation with arts, especially, listening to music and watching movies and TV series.

ZE: Thanks for your time David! Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

DLR: Yeah! The new Zenescope titles to come will be amazing, really! I hope all of you enjoy them! Thank you and my best wishes to all the readers!

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