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GFT 2017 Halloween Special

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Riveiro | Ivan Nunes Sheldon Goh | Sanju Nivangune Andrea Meloni | Ceci de la Cruz Pasquale Qualano|Jorge Cortes

It’s that time of year again for the Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween Special! Join Mary Medina as she goes on a haunted tour in New Orleans where the ghosts may turn out to be more than just urban legends!
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Story: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, & Anne Toole

Writer: Anne Toole

Ghost Tour: Artwork: Marc Rosete, Colors: Ceci de la Cruz

Lalaurie Mansion: Artwork: Eduardo Garcia, Colors: Slamet Mujiono

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop: Artwork: Renzo Rodriguez, Colors: Ran Gambor with J.C. Ruiz

Le Petit Theatre: Artwork: Joe Sanchez Diaz, Colors: Alek Marmontel & Walter Pereyra

Letters: Fabio Amelia

Editor: Jessica Rossana

Production & Design: Christopher Cote & Ashley Vanacore

Grimm Universe created by: Joe Brusha & Ralph Tedesco

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