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Dance of The Dead #2

Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D
Ario Mutri | Ivan Nunes Netho Diaz |Jorge Cortes Noah Salonga |Ceci de la Cruz Meguro

Trapped in the Shadlowlands, Mystere and Jasmine must rely on each other to survive while searching for a way to escape back to Earth. But the evil wizard Gruel has other plans for them and that includes suffering at the hands of his newest ally…The Snow Queen.

GFTDANCE02 page1 GFTDANCE02 page2 GFTDANCE02 page3 GFTDANCE02 page4

Writer: Anne Toole
Artwork: Enn 
Colors & Inks: Hedwin Zaldivar, Ceci de la Cruz & Emanuel Braga
Letters: Kurt Hathaway
Editor: Jessica Rossana
Production & Design: Christopher Cote

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