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Robyn Hood: The Hunt #6

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Ediano Silva| Ceci de la Cruz Netho Diaz |Sanju Nivangune Cris Selara Antonio Bifulco | Sanju Nivangune

Robyn, has been electrocuted, imprisoned, beaten and nearly killed on numerous occasions during her stay in the other-dimensional prison, The Dungeon. With the hope of an escape home to New York looking less likely with each passing minute, Robyn must pull together every last ounce of strength she has to make one final stand, or risk remaining trapped on this island forever.

RH_TH_06_page 1 RH_TH_06_page 2 RH_TH_06_page 3 RH_TH_06_page 4

Writer: Latoya Morgan
Artwork: Daniel Maine
Colors: Leonardo Paciarotti
Letters: Taylor Esposito of Ghost Glyph Studios
Editor: Jessica Rossna
Production & Design: Christopher Cote

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