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Belle: Beast Hunter #1

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Igor Vitorino|Kyle Ritter Harvey Tolibao | Jorge Cortes Derlis Santacruz | Sanju Nivangune Riveiro |Mohan Sivakami

The Grimm Universe is filled with heroes far and wide dealing with all kinds of threats, from vampires and werewolves to corrupt government organizations and ancient orders battling for control of the realms of power. But what lies in the deepest corners of our world could give the evilest creature nightmares. A threat since the beginning of time is rising, and only one person will be there to stop it from destroying everything. Introducing the newest ally in the war of monsters: Belle the Beast Hunter!

Belle01_page 1 Belle01_page 2 Belle01_page 3 Belle01_page 4

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Bong Dazo
Colors: Juan Manuel Rodriguez
Letters: Taylor Kurt Hathaway
Editor: Dave Franchini
Production & Design: Christopher Cote and Ashley Vanacore

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