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Grimm Fairy Tales: Vol. 2 #11

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Igor Vitorino| Ivan Nunes Ario Murti |Jesse Heagy Marc Rosete  Sheldon Goh | Sanju Nivangune

Taking over after the death of her mother Sela, Skye Mathers is the new Guardian of the Nexus. With the help of Shang, her mentor, she is learning the extent of her new powers, and trying to figure out the mystery of her connection to the book of Fairy Tales. Now with her book, she controls a power she doesn’t fully understand, power that pulls her to where she is needed to help others.

GFT_11 page 1 GFT_11 page 3 GFT_11 page 6 GFT_11 page 9

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Derlis Santacruz
Colors: Jorge Cortes
Letters: Taylor Esposito of Ghost Glyph Studios
Editor: Dave Franchini
Production & Design: Christopher Cote

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