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Grimm Tales of Terror: Black & White Special Edition

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Pasquale Qualano Richard Ortiz  Abhishek Malsuni | Zsolt H. Garisa

Black & White Special Edition

Zenescope’s Grimm Tales of Terror has been a big hit as a comic and now it’s coming to the big screen as a feature film.

This Black & White Special Edition includes a brand new short story based on the upcoming film as well as the art and script from the fan favorite issue ‘Black Cat.’

GTOT_BW01_page GTOT_BW01_page 2 GTOT_BW01_page 3 GTOT_BW01_page 4 GTOT_BW01_page 5

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Yusuf Idris
Letters: Fabio Amelia
Editor: Jessica Rossana
Production & Design: Christopher Cote & Ashley Vanacore

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