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Birthday Interview: Zenescope Editor- Jessica Rossana

Happy Birthday to our Editor, Jessica Rossana!

It is Jessica’s birthday so we only felt it right to get some insight about her today!  

Z:  If you could be a comic book character, what super power would you want to have?

Jessica:  I’ve always wanted to be able to breathe underwater. I think that would be awesome. I don’t have to talk to fish or anything, I just think it would be cool to chill in the ocean for a while without having to worry about oxygen.

Z:  If you were to go to a comic con next week, who would you cosplay as?  

Jessica:  There are so many cosplays I want to do! I’m assuming this also includes me magically knowing how to use a sewing machine and being able to finish an outfit in a week, haha. I’ve always wanted to cosplay Kaylee Frye from Firefly. Her overalls or her shindig dress.

Z:  If you could only eat one flavor of cake for the rest of your life, which would it be? 

Jessica:  That’s a tough one. I would have to pick strawberry cheesecake, because it combines my love of cake, fruit, and cheese.

Z:  What is your favorite thing about working at Zenescope?

Jessica:  I love the fact that I get to work with so many talented people! Our writers, artists, colorists, and letterers are truly amazing and it’s great to be able to collaborate with them on all sorts of projects. And my Zenescope coworkers are pretty cool too!

Thanks for answering some questions for us on your birthday, Jess! We hope you guys like this series to find out more about the Zenescope family.  See you in a couple weeks for our next employee’s birthday!

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