Birthday Interview: Adam Kelly


 We want to wish Adam Kelly, writer of our 2018 Cosplay Special, a very happy birthday! 

To continue our birthday interview tradition going, check out this comical exclusive interview with Adam!

Z: If you could be any Zenescope character who would you be and why?

Adam: This one is tough, because obviously I have my favorites, but who I’d want to be?  Hm…I gotta go with Skye, I feel like if I was any of our characters, I’d be her.  I really like Calie, Hellchild, Mary, Belle, Missy, Nataliya, Red Death, Eve, Keres, Cindy…oh yeah and Tshering is the man, I hope he’s doing well.  Anyway, not an earth-shattering (or Nexus-shattering hehe) pick or anything, but Skye’s probably my overall favorite and the one I connect with the most personality-wise.  I also had the pleasure of writing her in the upcoming Grimm Fairy Tales Cosplay Special, in stores 7/11.

Z:  You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Adam: Macaroni and cheese, because Laura Levandowski, PR Manager extraordinaire, told me to say that.  She’s probably listening to the new Post Malone record right now, and I don’t blame her.

Z:  What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Adam: Okay so over the weekend my girlfriend and I were hanging out with a group of people, some of which I knew and some of which I had just met.  One of my friends was playing this weird instrument that requires you to put your lips on it and what not, and he passes it to this other guy who I didn’t know.  My friend leans over to me and goes “that guy drinks his own pee” and I lost it.  Hopefully whoever played that thing next didn’t get this guys’ pee residue on their lips.

Z: You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

Adam: Since you didn’t specify, I’m deciding that the elephant is a newborn.  I would raise the elephant with my lovely girlfriend as our son or daughter.  I would support the elephant in all its goals and dreams while introducing it to life’s delicacies such as the music of Slipknot and television programs such as The Jersey Shore.  I would also read to the elephant…okay at this point I’m deciding if it’s a boy, I’m naming him Dallas, and if it’s a girl, I’m naming her June – so I would also read Dallas or June a story each night before bed, such as the Grimm Fairy Tales Cosplay Special, in stores 7/11.  Lastly, I would play Dallas or June acoustic guitar and write baby elephant songs for them to fall asleep to whilst their vanilla almond milk spins merrily in the microwave, nearing the temperature at which to consume for sleep.

Z: What is your favorite part about working at Zenescope?

Adam: This is hard to pick just one thing honestly.  I had wanted to make a living in the comic book industry since I got a Walking Dead volume at my library like 10 years ago, so I’m grateful that’s what I’m doing.  I’d have to say my favorite thing about working at Zenescope is how laid back and fun it is to work here if you put in said work.  I can wear whatever I want, dye my hair whatever color I want, have as many tattoos as I want, listen to Slipknot all day – but you better make sure you’re doing all your work, because if you take it for granted, you’re gonna get the boot.  It’s 7:24 as I’m writing this and am still here, it’s just me and Dave left.  Chris was here too until a few minutes ago, don’t want to throw him under the bus.  Then I’ll go home and play guitar until I fall asleep, maybe eat some Raisin Bran.  Did I even answer this question?  I dunno, work hard, play hard.

Thanks for listening, do what you want in life, and just a friendly reminder the Grimm Fairy Tales Cosplay Special is in stores 7/11.  Please pick one up so I can add to my Slipknot collection and give my future elephant baby the life he or she deserves.

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