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Grimm Tales of Terror: Volume 3 Hardcover

Cover Art
Allan Otero | Sean Ellery

Zenescope Entertainment returns with their terrifyingly frightening anthology series, Grimm Tales of Terror Volume 3!

From classic horror stories to modern day urban legends, this series re-imagines the creepy tales you know and love for a new generation of readers! Keres, the goddess of death, loves to punish those who she deems deserving of her wrath, and many unsuspecting people who cross her path are about to learn a harsh lesson about morality.

This gorgeous 300 page hardcover collects 13 issues of one of the best comic book horror titles currently on shelves!

GTOT_HC03_pages3 GTOT_HC03_pages4 GTOT_HC03_pages5


Writers & Artwork: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Pat Shand, Dave Franchini, Umberto Giampa, Renzo Rodriguez, Massimiliano Veltri, Joe Sanchez Diaz, Fran Gamboa, Marco Lesko
Letters: Ghost Glyph Studios
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Cote

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