Revenge of Wonderland Interview with Raven Gregory


The distorted reality of Wonderland returns with a vengeance!  A corrupt tale of love and loss follows an abandoned dimension of Wonderland only to bring back a new twisted horror no characters are prepared for.

We were able to catch up with Raven Gregory, writer of this new series, Revenge of Wonderland, to ask him a few questions. We invite you to join us, and follow along in the madness, as we return to Wonderland.


Z: What was the first book you worked on for Zenescope?

R: The prequel for the comic book adaption of the movie Seven. Still can’t believe to this day that Ralph Tedesco gave me the shot at writing it based on how much I thought I was “perfect” to write Final Destination series (because The Gift, my first comic, always had unique and cool deaths, to which he responded, the Final destination series was already written, but that they were doing the Se7en series, to which I automatically responded that it was my favorite movie and thought I’d be perfect for it).  ;)

Z: How did you originally become interested in the Wonderland series? What drew you to write such a dark and twisted story?

R: I’ve always been a fan of flawed and broken characters.  The idea of an adult Alice, not making it out of Wonderland mentally intact and her daughter having to deal with the sins of the mother drew me in from the moment I thought of playing in the world of Wonderland.  

Z: This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first issue of Wonderland, can you believe it?

R: It’s very hard to believe.  Like something out of a dream but it feels great to know that even after all this time the story and the characters still connect with the readership today.  

Z: Besides it being the 10th anniversary, why do you feel Wonderland is a place to revisit?

R: There’s a quote that gets tossed around that we all go a little mad sometimes.  I think the most interesting part of the wonderland mythos that we’ve been able to bring to the stage is the fact that from time to time we all feel a little lost, we all get a little bit crazy in this world that is the world in our head, and there’s something very enticing and relatable to the concept of the idea that not a single one of us has any clue of what the hell we are doing, but in this story that is us, we’re just trying to figure it all out along the way.   So few stories in this day and age ever play that up and I think that’s one of the things that make Wonderland such a wonderful place to revisit.


Z: What is your process when writing for Wonderland?

R: I wait until the last possible instant when Calie starts screaming in my head.  And then….I write. Seems to have worked out okay so far;).

Z:What has been your favorite mini-series in Wonderland to write so far?

R: Beyond Wonderland.  I always feel like we hit that perfect place in that series.  We had spent enough time working together where all of a sudden everything started to gel.  Daniel Leister’s pencils. Nei Ruffino’s colors. Like, and not to sound egoistical, but that was the series where we all got good.   Could not have ask for a better creative team to take the journey on.

Z: How is Revenge of Wonderland different than previous series? What new aspects of the Wonderland world do you plan on exploring?

R: So when I was young, one of my favorite anime series was Dragon Ball Z.  Because the characters lived, they got old, they died, etc. Like it felt like a story that reflected life in a way that most comic series never do.   So with wonderland, I tried very hard to bring that same sensibility to the tale.

Calie has grown.  Violet has grown. They are and yet at the same time not the same characters you know and love.  Because life has changed them. And it’s that, essence of what the story is of who these characters are, that speaks to me on so many levels, when you think all the stories that might be told are well and done there’s always one more story to tell.    

Z: Is there anything you can tell us about the first issue of Revenge of Wonderland that you would like readers to know?

R: I’m back:)

Z: If you could be the writer on one other series, what would it be?

R: It’d be Wonderland.  It’ll always be Wonderland.  Every once in awhile I need to take a break, take step back from the madness but the dream and the characters that is Wonderland…always call me back.


We want to thank Raven Gregory for taking the time to come back to Wonderland with us during this interview. Are you prepared to purchase Revenge of Wonderland  Wednesday July, 18 2018?


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