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Peek-A-Boo #5

Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D
Harvey Tolibao |Ivan Nunes Riveiro| Ceci de la Cruz Derlis Santacruz |Ula Mos Allan Otero | Grostieta

Inside the maze of caves, the hikers attempt to located Debbie without attracting the attention of the predators. Debbie manages to escape her bonds and finds them first, but not without the entire lair alerted to the infiltration. The group attempts to flee as the horde of attackers descend – only one side is going to make it out alive.

PeekABoo_05 page 1 PeekABoo_05 page 2 PeekABoo_05 page 3

Writer: Victoria Rau
Artwork/Colors: Marcelo Basile
Letters: Charles Pritchett
Editor: Terry Kavanagh
Production & Design: Christopher Cote & Ashley Vanacore

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