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Birthday Interview: Becky

Happy birthday to the best Marketing & VIP Coordinator in the biz- Becky! Check out these birthday interview questions Becky so kindly answered for us!

Zenescope: If you were to write a series for Zenescope, what would it be called and what would it be about?

Becky: The series would be titled Becky’s Most Wanted. It would be a horror series about very rude and ignorant people, who get what’s coming to them. Included are fight scenes with lots of gore.

Z: What song would you choose as a theme song if you had a reality TV show based off your life

B: Ummm, since there are just so many songs to choose from. I can’t decide on just one. I would choose my theme song to be : Girls just wanna, livin la vida, bye bye, mambo #5, it’s my life so beat it.

Z: A train full of kittens about to ride over a cliff, or a hot air balloon full of puppies about to enter space, who do save?

B: My initial response would be to save the puppies. Puppies are just so cute and adorable, they can’t die! But then again, how cool would it be to travel and enter into space. Those puppies should consider themselves lucky.

Z:  If you had to eat one meal forever what would it be?

B: Oh that one is easy. It would be chocolate. But it would have to be dark chocolate since I love dark chocolate. Is that considered a meal?

Z: If an evil witch turned you into an animal, but you got to choose the animal, which one would you turn into and why? 

B: I would choose to be turtle, so people would love me and keep me forever. Well I would out live them of course. Muahaha. But I want to be a turtle like the ninja turtle Mikey. I want his personality since he is apparently the goofy, fun loving and party one out of the group. Plus I get cool powers and can fight crime! “Cowabunga!”

Thanks for answering our birthday interview questions, Becky!

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