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The Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide: Wendigo One-Shot

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Sean Chen | Ivan Nunes Marat Mychaels | Jason Embury Derlis Santacruz|Ula Mos

Native American Indian myths tell of an ancient evil creature that stalks the wilderness feeding on the flesh of men. When people go missing in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, whispered rumors that the Wendigo is to blame brings legendary monster hunter JP Russ to the scene where he soon finds that the truth is far more dangerous than a myth.

MHSG_CF_03 Page 1 MHSG_CF_03 Page 2 MHSG_CF_03 Page 3 MHSG_CF_03 Page 4

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Fabio Jansen (pp. 1-10, 13 &14), Andres Barrero (pp. 11, 12, & 15-43)
Colors: Juanmar Studios
Letters: Kurth Hathaway
Editor: Michael Dolce
Production & Design: Christopher Cote 

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