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Birthday Interview: Joe Brusha

Happy birthday to one of the co-founders and writers of Zenescope: Joe Brusha! Read on to learn more about the writer of some of Zenescope’s most popular series, like Grimm Fairy Tales and The Black Sable.

Zenescope: Describe your most memorable birthday.

Joe: At 48 there’s been so many they kind of all blend together and not many stick out as memorable. I do remember having a a surprise party when I was about 11 or 12 where I was actually surprised.  I got the Dungeons and Dragons red box set and that opened up the world of role playing games of world to me and heavily influenced me wanting to do something in life that allowed me to be creative.

Zenescope: If you could move your whole life (family, friends, business) to another country, which would it be and why?

Joe: I don’t know about another country but I would like to have my own island where I am the supreme ruler.

Zenescope: If you were a superhero (or villain), what would your name and power be? Would you have a sidekick?

Joe: The ability to win every argument or control peoples minds so that they always have to agree with me. The older I get the more I hate having arguments or trying to convince people to see my point of view. So I probably wouldn’t have any need for a sidekick. As far as a name maybe Mr. Right? Coming up with names is not one of my strengths.

Zenescope: What is the craziest idea you had for Zenescope?

Joe: I think just starting the company was probably the craziest idea. When we started we didn’t have a clue how to create a comic or graphic novel. And we didn’t know or think about what we were up against in the Marvel and DC comics of the world. It’s kind of amazing that we’ve been able to come this far after starting in my basement with just Ralph, me and my daughters pet rabbit who Ralph didn’t like working with. In fairness the rabbit really never came up with the ideas I asked it for so we ended up having to use a lot of Ralph’s.

Zenescope: If you could open a door that would lead to anywhere in the world or universe, where would it lead you?

Joe: Another planet or galaxy with intelligent life. Maybe some place where the Star Wars universe is real and before Rian Johnson ruined it with his Last Jedi movie.

Thanks for answering all our questions Joe (aka Mr. Right)!

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