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Artist Igor Vitorino Interview

One of our go-to artists, Igor Vitorino, let us interview him for an artist spotlight on the blog! Igor has done cover art and the comic art for works like Belle: Beast Hunter, Grim Fairy Tales Vol. 2, Jasmine: Crown of Kings, etc. We wanted to know more about him as an artist, and get some advice for other artists trying to break into the comic industry.

Zenescope: What’s been your favorite Zenescope series to work on and why?

Igor Vitorino: I really enjoyed working on Belle: Beast Hunter with Dave, and working on covers, especially for Zodiac.

Zenescope: How would you describe your artistic style? Do you have a trademark item or technique you use for every cover you do?

Igor Vitorino: My style is old school, but I try to make it more pleasant for a new generation of readers. My brand is always trying to deliver the best possible, while also being compatible with the publisher’s ideas.

Zenescope: Do you have any advice for someone trying to get into the comic book art industry?

Igor Vitorino: To face it like any other noble profession, because your drive and focus will determine your success. And never sell your soul or sacrifice your art!

Zenescope: What’s your favorite type of art? Who is your favorite artist?

Igor Vitorino: Realism in comics… Joe Bennett, Bryan Hitch, Butch Guice, Norman Rockwell, etc.

Zenescope: Tell us one thing your fans might not know about you!

Igor Vitorino: I always drew caricatures of my teachers and they were not very happy about it. I was always going to the principal’s office.

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