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2019 VIP Program

One of the things we’re most excited for in 2019 is sharing updates on our VIP programWe’ve listed some of the main changes from the past program to the new, current one below:

1) Collecting Points: Purchases from your local comic shop are now included in your overall point total, just send us a copy of your receipt with your Zenescope purchase shown.

2) Free Gifts: You will receive a free gift bag at the trade shows with exclusive merchandise, a coupon towards your next purchase, valid at any convention or website purchase, and the new Van Helsing: Sword of Heaven #3 exclusive (pictured left). Just show us your VIP badge to get this great gift bag!

3) VIP Comic Fest: Access to the annual VIP event! Check out the VIP Comic Fest event page here.

4) Free Birthday Exclusive: This exclusive is updated yearly so you’ll never get the same one twice!

5) Moving up to a higher status: When move to the next VIP status level, you get a free trade of your choice, a percentage off your next purchase, and more!

6) VIP Catalog: The VIP Catalog has been updated with new items, which can be redeemed with your points. See below for contents of the 2019 Catalog (click on each photo to enlarge.)


7) VIP Sales Perks: VIPs will get monthly emails with exclusive sales perks and offers, including getting double points for buying X amount of trades or having X amount of purchases, etc.

If you’re already a VIP member, you will continue to get our newsletter with upcoming sales, news, a first look of behind-the-scenes creation of our comics, and be the first to get updates on industry insights and details on new project releases.

Upgrade your level to get even more special offers and highly-valued starter packs! Get more details on each level’s updates below.

Click on each photo to enlarge.


To learn more about the VIP Program and get more details, click on the image below and visit

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