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Belle: Beast Hunter Exclusive

Art by Keith Garvey

We are excited to announce that the Belle: Beast Hunter trade paperback will be available at Barnes & Noble on January 29, 2019!

The trade paperback, written by Dave Franchini, contains all six issues of Belle: Beast Hunter. In an exclusive offer only available to customers who buy the trade paperback from Barnes & Noble, we will be sending out a FREE Belle: Beast Hunter limited edition exclusive comic book (pictured right) to anyone who makes a purchase with Barnes & Noble.

Proof of purchase, in-store or online, is required to take advantage of this deal… Don’t forget to keep your receipts!

This offer is NOT fulfilled through or in partnership with Barnes & Noble, so customers must go through Zenescope once they have made their purchase. Start by filling out this form here to get your free exclusive!


New to Belle’s story and want to learn more? Read the summary and a preview of the first 4 pages of the first issue below:

The Grimm Universe is filled with heroes far and wide dealing with threats from vampires, werewolves, corrupt governmental organizations, to ancient orders battling for control of the realms of power. But what lies in the deepest corners of our world could give the evilest creature nightmares.

A threat since the beginning of time is rising and only one person will be there to stop it from destroying everything. Working from the shadows, a long lineage of warriors have been defending life from the darkness that exists, and from that family of soldiers comes of the newest ally in the war of monsters, Belle the Beast Hunter!

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