NEW Subscription Service

With 12 new series being released this year, we decided to upgrade our Subscription Service. Check out the graphic and read the details below before the first subscription, Robyn Hood: Outlaw, comes out next week!

What’s Included:

-You choose Cover A or C for each issue in the series.

-Exclusive Metal Bookmark, which is only available through the subscription service.

-LE 75 Black & White Exclusive.

-One-time shipping fee!


6-Issue Series: $65 (save $39)

5-Issue Series: $60 (save $36)

4-Issue Series: $55 (save $33)

3-Issue Series: $45 (save $38)


For VIPs ONLY: You receive 3x points on all subscription purchases, a signed #1 issue for each subscription purchased, and a Special Edition Pin—only available with the Elite Package.

Subscriptions will be available 3-4 weeks before a series is released. Each subscription must be purchased separately and cannot be combined with any other purchases.

Bonus: If you plan on buying more than one subscription, you may qualify for one of our packages! (see details below)


Pro Package:

  • LE 75 Exclusive
  • Limited Edition Metal Card
  • LE 350 Archive Exclusive of YOUR CHOICE

Plus Package:

  • LE 50 Exclusive
  • Mini Art Print Set (6 random covers chosen from series ordered)
  • LE 250 Archive Exclusive of YOUR CHOICE

Elite Package:

  • LE 25 Exclusive
  • Showcase Exclusive (additional $50 to personalize)
  • LE 100 Archive Exclusive of YOUR CHOICE



Each subscription is purchased separately, but once you reach the requirements for a package, you can add that package to your cart for free and all the items will then be shipped out to you. NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY REDEEM ONE PACKAGE AT EACH TIER!

Buy all 12 subscriptions to get all of these rewards! Don’t hesitate because the Plus Package is limited to 50, and the Elite Package to 25, so only the first customers to purchase the subscription will be lucky enough to get all of these goodies.

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