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Revenge of Wonderland Trivia

It’s National Trivia Day, and we though there was no better way to celebrate than quizzing our fans on one of our most loved series, Revenge of Wonderland. The last issue of this series was just released and we’re not quite ready to say goodbye; and we hope you’re not either!

See how many questions you can get right, first without looking at your copies of the comic books, and let us know on our Facebook post!

What did the blocks in Butterfly Daycare say through the mirror?

What magazine is Calie shown to be on the cover of?

What decorates the field Calie walks through after speaking to Sage?

What’s the name of Albert Monarch’s store?

According to the Limbo of Wonderland, why must all dreams come to an end?

How many bottles of liquor does Calie have in her kitchen, and specific type are they?

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