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2019 Pin Program

Grab all of our brand new pins this year to become the ultimate Zenescope collector! We’re launching 23 new pins in 2019, all celebrating Zenescope and our most beloved characters and series. The pins are produced in collaboration with FanSets, with the first pins being released just in time for Emerald City Comic Con, March 14th.

Among the first pins to be released are the Zenescope Heroes 4-Pack, and the Zenescope Villains 4-Pack. These pins are limited to 500.

In the Heroes Pack:

In the Villains Pack:


The Alice Liddle Pin will is exclusively available through FanSets; you can get this pin starting mid-March on their website and at their convention booths. The Cindy (Cinderella) Pin is only available on the Zenescope website.


Attending one of the conventions we’ll be at this year? Snatch one of these limited, exclusive pins at the following shows because they’re limited to just 100!


Staff at the conventions above will be wearing the employee trading pins pictured below. Customers who own or purchase ANY Zenescope Pin are encouraged to trade your pins with Zenescope staff and other fans! Employees will have the Cheshire Cat and the Liesel Van Helsing pins on their lanyards around their neck, so don’t hesitate to ask what they have left to trade!


If you’re one of the lucky customers to get your hands on our quarterly Zenboxes (SDCC, NYCC, Holiday, Spring), you’ll be guaranteed a Hellchild, Mystere, Dorothy, and The Duchess pin, respectively. This is the ONLY way to get these pins, so don’t miss out!


Not attending any of the shows listed above? We have an exclusive pin for this year’s VIP Comic Fest, free to all attendees, featuring Red Riding Hood. There will also be a The Black Knight Pin for the 2nd Annual Keystone Comic Con.

Lastly, the Robyn Hood Pin will be available with the launch of our next collectible figure Kickstarter (set to be released late March). Look out for more details on this pin and the Robyn Hood Kickstarter!

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