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Dragonsblood: Interview with Writer Nick Bermel

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From working in the Zenescope warehouse, to his first comic book issue with Grimm Tales of Terror Vol. 3 #6, Nick Bermel is the writer of his first series, and Zenescope’s newest soon-to-be-released series, Dragonsblood:

Many generations ago, the Völsung clan was tasked with slaying the dragon, Fafnir. Sigurd, the last of his clan, must now take up the fight against his family’s ancient and terrible foe.

1) What aspects of Norse mythology appeal to you most?
The characters in Norse mythology are so different and diverse. They each have their own personality and can be out there, but relatable at the same time. Personally, what really draws me into stories are the characters. The shows, books, and movies I’m most drawn to have a great cast of characters I can connect with and become attached to.

2) Why would readers love this version of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer? What classical elements did you preserve; what modern spins are you bringing to the character?
I’m hoping that readers enjoy the fact that Sigurd is relatable. I’m trying to avoid making him a lofty, do-no-wrong hero. He has his faults and insecurities like everyone else, but at the same time he has some exciting and terrifying powers. I don’t want to give too much away, but I did pay homage to the original during Sig’s fight with the dragon, Fafnir.

As far as modern twists, the editing team wouldn’t allow me to go from tavern to tavern singing the story like how these stories used to be told, so I had to put it into comic form instead. But on a serious note, since I am writing this story as an addition to the Grimm Universe, I took the characters I liked, as well as some other Norse mythology characters, and adapted them to fit into their own little part of the Grimm Universe.

3) How did you and Jason Muhr meet? What has the creative process been like together?
I just met Jason at C2E2 this year, but when I was working in the Zenescope warehouse, his artwork in the Neverland one-shot stood out to me. When Dragonsblood was approved, I bugged Dave (our head editor) to reach out to Jason to see if he would work on it.

Jason Muhr

It’s been a joy working with Jason so far. The first work he did was the character designs and he took my ideas and brought his own fresh ideas, and I think that the characters turned out great. So far the pages have been spot on with my vision for the series and I’m excited to see how the series turns out once everything is done.

4) What’s your favorite memory of working with Zenescope?
It’s tough to think of a favorite memory since I’ve been around the company since it first started. I started in the warehouse so I really enjoy hanging with the guys there (shout-out to Stu and Jeff). I also really love talking about different story ideas with Dave and Joe, and brainstorming new ideas for the Grimm Universe. It’s been cool to see how the Universe has grown. Of course I’d be lying if I didn’t say how much I love that they send me to San Diego almost every year.

5) Will readers see you at any upcoming conventions?
If you missed me at Pensacon and C2E2, I will also be at Megacon, possibly Denver Pop, Wizard World Philly, Keystone Comic-Con, San Diego Comic-Con, and Baltimore Comic-Con. For any VIPs going to the VIP Comic Fest in August, I will be there as well. Stop by and say hi!

For dates on these conventions, go here. You can read a preview of Nick Bermel’s first venture with Zenescope’s Grimm Tales of Terror series, Alligators in the Sewer, here.

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