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Oz: Heart of Magic #2

Out tomorrow!

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Sean Chen | Hedwin Zaldivar Igor Vitorino | Mohan Sivakami Geebo Vigonte | Ivan Nunes Harvey Tolibao | Ivan Nunes

Oz: Heart of Magic #2

Dorothy is still on the run through the Lost Lands of Oz, looking for allies in her desperate plan to take the Emerald City back from the mad Wizard. She finally gets a lead on the missing Adraste and Glinda, but she’s making more enemies than friends along the way. And the Wizard has allies of his own. Who is Anne Soferth, and what Hold does she have on Bartleby, the Scarecrow?


Writer: Terry Kavanagh
Artwork: Marcelo Mueller
Colors: Leonardo Paciarotti
Letters: Maurizio Clausi (Arancia Studio)
Editor: Christina Barbieri
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Cote

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