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Exclusive Robyn Hood Kickstarter Webpage

From June 6th to June 30th, patrons of our Robyn Hood Collectible Figure Kickstarter now have full access to the just released Robyn Hood Kickstarter section on the webstore. There, customers can view and purchase specially-priced products from the campaign!

In order to get access to this exclusive collection, create an account on our website and add your shipping address to your account by going under “My Orders.” Once finished, contact to confirm you’ve created your account and that you would like access to the page. If you already have an account with us, still email us to request access. We will then reply with a link and directions on where to find the Kickstarter collection on our website.

You can view some of the available products below.

Robyn Hood Collectible Metal Card Set: Art by Paul Green | Billy Tucci | Jamie Tyndall
LE 100 Metal Comic: Art by Jason Cardy
Robyn Hood Mini Art Print: Art by Jamie Tyndall

Once you’ve been given access, you can view these items here.

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