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Hellchild: Blood Money #4

Final Issue!

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Igor Vitorino | Ivan Nunes Harvey Tolibao | Ivan Nunes Renato Rei | Vinicius Andrade Eric J | Mohan Sivakami

Hellchild: Blood Money #4

After Angelica and Jenny are taken hostage by the hosts of the creepy masquerade party, they wonder what’s in store for them next. But nothing could prepare them for the sadistic auction that is about to take place. With little time and up against a room full of monsters, Angelica must figure a way out of her impossible situation before it’s too late. The action-packed finale of HELLCHILD: Blood Money is here!


Writer: Ralph Tedesco
Artwork: Butch Mapa
Colors: Dijjo
Letters: Taylor Esposito (of Ghost Glyph Studios)
Editor: Terry Kavanagh
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Cote

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