VIP of the Week: Meet Dale!

Zenescope has to thank our amazing fans, and especially our loyal VIPs! Here’s a bit about one of our VIPs from Washington, USA—Dale!


Zenescope: What is your closest or favorite convention to come see Zenescope?

Dale: Closest? Emerald City Comic Con. Favorite? The VIP event, since I would rather buy a plane ticket than try and find parking in Seattle…

Zenescope: Who is your favorite Zenescope character?

Dale: It’s a toss up between the Cheshire Cat and Baba Yaga. Both are amazing characters.

Zenescope: Who is your favorite Zenescope artist?

Dale: There are so many talented artists with their own unique style, it is hard to have a favorite. They are all good.

Zenescope: How long have you been a VIP?

Dale: All of a year and a half lul, still a newbie.

Zenescope: What VIP reward are you saving up your points for?

Dale: Not sure, maybe the drawn in a comic reward. Try for a sequel to GFT #27.

Zenescope: Do you have another fun hobbies besides collecting and reading comics?

Dale: I like to design and/or build physical versions of items from comics and/or games.

Zenescope: Would you rather have Skye’s power but have the constant responsibility of Guardian of the Nexus, or be the best vampire/monster hunter in the world but lose your best friend and true love? 

Dale: I would take Skye’s powers, because then I could portal to a beach whenever I wanted.  
Dale has also made impressive progress on his #Zenpincollection with our FanSets collectible pins, and was able to visit us this year at the #VIPComicFest! Keep up the great work, Dale, and thanks for being a great member!

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