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Oz Heart of Magic #5

Out today!

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Drew Edward Johnson | Grostieta Sheldon Goh | Hedwin Zaldivar Laura Braga | Ceci de la Cruz Geebo Vigonte | Ivan Nunes

Heart Of Magic

Even with the aid of some unexpected forces, Dorothy and her friends are losing the fight to reclaim the Emerald City. To finally defeat the Wizard, Dorothy must risk losing herself once again to the Gem of Zamora. And there must always be a balance to magic. So, even if the Emerald City is restored to its glory, what will be the cost to Oz itself?


Writer: Terry Kavanaugh
Artwork: Marcelo Mueller
Colors: Leonardo Paciarotti
Letters: Maurizio Clausi (of Arancia Studio)
Editor: Dave Franchini
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Cote

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