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EFMI_06_cover A

Escape From Monster Island #6

Monster Island is about to go extinct. As if the monsters weren’t enough to deal with, the military has moved up its time table for wiping the island off the face of the Earth. What’s left of the team must complete their mission and find a way off the island before a nuclear strike destroys all life, both monster and human. But first, they must keep the Elf Queen from escaping as well, because the destruction of one little island is nothing compared to her deadly plan for vengeance.

EFMI_05 Cover A

Escape from Monster Island #5

  Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D Sami Kivela | Ivan Nunes Alfredo Reyes | Mohan Sivakami Cris Delara Caio Cacau The Elf Queen imprisons Kelsey but she needs something from her. Merrick and Xorn mount a rescue attempt but it’s one that will force Kelsey to make …

EVIL Heroes

Zenescope Unveils E.V.I.L. Heroes at San Diego Comic-Con

HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA— Philadelphia-based publisher Zenescope has branched out as of late.  Several of the company’s most recent titles have been departures from the more familiar Zenescope fare.  Most notable of these new titles may be E.V.I.L. Heroes.  Zenescope plans to unveil the new series with variant covers at San Diego Comic Con. …