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Oz: The Wizard One Shot

Oz has been ruled by the Wicked Witches, sieged by The Warlord, and even corrupted by the dark magic of Zamora, yet it still stands. Now the dawn of a new age of Oz has arrived. There is calm in the lands, happiness in its homes, but a shadow is creeping into the hearts and minds of its citizens and with it comes a new evil. Oz must prepare for a battle that will determine the fate of the very soul of the Emerald Kingdom, when The Wizard makes his move!

Tales From Oz #5 “Adraste”

Tales from Oz #5 Adraste Story by Joe Brusha, Jeff Massey, and Kristin Massey, Written by Jeff Massey, Artwork by Jay Defoy, Colors by Bryan Valenza, Letters by Corey Breen, and Edited by Nicole Glade. The Emerald Council forces Glinda to take on an apprentice! But when presented with a …