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RedAgent_THO_07_cover A

Red Agent: The Human Order #7

Britney and her team race to Iceland to stop Ember, an evil Highborn who is planning to cause a volcanic eruption. If they fail, most of Europe will be blanketed in ash and dust, leading to massive loss of life and altering the fabric of European society for a generation. But to get to Ember, Britney, Avril and Silk must navigate rivers of lava, sulfurous caverns, and monsters borne of fire.

RedAgent_THO_03 cover A

Red Agent: The Human Order #3

Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D Sami Kivela | Mohan Sivakami   Allan Otero | Hedwin Zaldivar Alfredo Reyes | Leonardo Paciarotti Jose Luis | Grostieta Britney’s team is sent to the middle of the ocean to look for a missing top secret military vessel. The very fate …


Red Agent #4

Britney and her team race to save Eve. But the clock is ticking and it will take every bit of their combined skills and cunning to stop the Circle…


Red Agent #2

Red Agent teams with a witch named Avril Williams and a highborn hacker name Ditto in order to infiltrate the extremely dangerous terrorist organization…


Red Agent #1

Britney Waters, aka Red Riding Hood, is recruited by a secret government agency to help take down an extremely dangerous terrorist organization called The Circle…