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Death Force #6

It’s time for Rick Murphy to pay Death his due. But Rick has not lived up to his end of the bargain, and Death is not one to take being disobeyed lightly…

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Death Force #4

Death Force is caught between two warring crime lords with thousands of lives at stake. To stop them, Death Force will have to sacrifice his only two friends.

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Death Force #3

Officer Rick Murphy just wanted revenge on the men who killed his pregnant fiancée. But now, framed for murder, it’s a race to see who gets to kill him first…

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Death Force #2

Rick Murphy’s humanity is gone. Now unstoppable as Death Force, he seeks revenge on the men who killed the woman he loved… and nothing stands in his way.

Zenescope Entertainment relaunches Grimm Fairy Tales

Zenescope Entertainment set to return to its roots with new installment of Grimm Fairy Tales HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA — Comic book and graphic novel publisher Zenescope Entertainment is excited to announce that Grimm Fairy Tales, the company’s flagship series, returns this December. Grimm Fairy Tales is the cornerstone of Zenescope’s Grimm Universe and its evolution shows just how much …