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Book Lovers Day

Did you know that November 4th is Book Lovers Day? Now this is our kind of holiday! For a little something fun to do to celebrate, we asked some of the artists and writers of Zenescope for their all time favorite books and comic books! Here is what they said: …


Featured Artist Interview – Keith Garvey

Keith Garvey | Zenescope Cover Artist Zenescope Entertainment: Your covers for us have been some of my favorite I’ve seen.  Have you done exclusive covers for other publishers, or was Zenescope your first venture into the comic industry? Keith Garvey: I love doing covers for Zenescope. They are a new …

Alfredo Reyes

Featured Artist Interview – Alfredo Reyes

Alfredo Reyes | Zenescope Cover Artist Zenescope Entertainment: You’ve appeared on an impressive array of Zenescope titles. Do you have any favorite Zenescope projects in particular?         Alfredo Reyes: I’ve done a lot of covers for Zenescope since 2011, it’s been a monthly gig doing covers and I’m very thankful …

Jason Metcalf

Featured Artist Interview: Jason Metcalf

Jason Metcalf | Zenescope Cover Artist Zenescope Entertainment: As a difficult industry to break into, what advice would you give younger artists trying to get into the comics industry? Jason Metcalf: Geez, where do I start – I could and probably should write a book on this.  There are so …