Featured Artist of the Week: Roberta Ingranata

004 RH Ongoing 7 Colors

Roberta Ingranata | Interior Artist
[SNEAK PEAK at some upcoming coolness at the end of the interview!]

ZE: How long have you been working in comics?
RI: I started three years ago for Italian comics and since the last November for American comics.

ZE: What age did you realize you wanted to be an artist as a career?
RI: Since I was a child. I was born thinking “I’m gonna be an artist… or a paratrooper.” Well, I think the second choice would be easier than make comics.

ZE: Who has most inspired you in your art career?
RI: Even if he doesn’t know, the answer is David Messina. Many years ago I met him during an Italian convention, Lucca Comics. When he talked to me, I realized that I want to be apart this world with the same approach he has. That moment, I knew I would have to be polite, professional, and modest, exactly as he is. I would work hard and, if I had the possibility, help young talent to find their way.

ZE: What artist has most inspired you?
RI: I follow so many artists that it’s hard to do a list. But, if I should give you one name, I’d say Claire Wendling. I love her art; she’s a great source of inspiration

ZE: Have you ever had a mentor? If so, Who?
RI: I don’t know if I could call him a mentor, but Alfio Buscaglia (Glénat Editions – Sergio Bonelli Editore) was the first one to help me when I bought my Cintiq. And, most of all, he was the first to help me when I was panicked. Every Saturday I went to his study to have a cup of tea with him and his dog Zoe. Those were perfect times. I remember it was raining aaaaall the time.

I should say thanks to Michael Woods too. He was my first foreign contact, and it was Alfio who recommended me to him. Michael is great, he had the patience to explain to me how to work for American comics… and he even gave me my first American work!

ZE: What time period and where would you visit if you had a time machine? Why?
RI: There’s a part of me who wants to travel back in time in the Louis XIV’s age. I love Versaille, and I wish I could follow the etiquette of that great court, with all those magnificent dresses. But, also, there’s a part of me who’d like to fight shoulder to shoulder with Che Guevara, in Bolivia, spending my life to fight for human freedom. Another part of me would visit Great Britain, to fight with the suffragettes for the women emancipation.

ZE: What would the title of your autobiography be?
RI: History of a Girl Dead in Poverty. She bought more comics than she drew.

ZE: What would I find in your fridge right now?
RI: Sushi! Or, to say it better: SUSHI!

ZE: What’s your favorite movie all time if you had to pick one?
RI: The Bryan Singer’s “The Usual Suspects”. Because anybody can understand the movie until the end. And he who says he did, is lying.

ZE: What actor would play you in a movie?
RI: Laura Carmichael. I love her in Downtown Abbey.

ZE: What’s your craziest convention story?
RI: Every time that anyone hugs me and kisses me and talks to me… and I really, really don’t know who he is.

ZE: If you could sing one song on the Voice, what would it be and Why?
RI: Oh, no, please… do not let me sing. Never. For your safety.

ZE: What is the best compliment you ever received?
RI: “You’re a rock.”

ZE: If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
RI: Nutella. But the truth is that I have a food intolerance to Nutella, so… problem solved!

ZE: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?
RI: Maggie Smith.

ZE: What is your favorite band of all time?
RI: Queen.

ZE: Who is your favorite solo act of all time?
RI: Elvis Presley.

ZE: What Comic Con do you most enjoy traveling to?
RI: I never visited an American Convention, but I will this year! Do you mind If I ask you to wait for the answer?

ZE: You can pick any 3 FAMOUS people to have dinner with, living or dead, who do you choose?
RI: Jung, because I have a couple of questions for him. Rita Levi Montalcini, I’d like to tell her how much I admire what she did for humanity. And Kurt Cobain, because… uhm… he was the coolest guy on earth.

ZE: Do you workout? If so, what is your favorite workout routine?
RI: Yoga. Because I can do it wearing pyjamas.

ZE: What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?
RI: Reading. Reading a lot.

ZE: If you could switch places with someone for a week, who would it be? Why?
RI: An outlying place, to visit with my boyfriend. A place full of nature and lots and lots of wild animals. I totally love nature.

ZE: who is your favorite comic book character of all time?
RI: Constantine – Hellblazer.

ZE: who is your favorite Zenescope comic book character to draw or color?
RI: I love the Rotter, a new Robyn Hood Ongoing” character. I fell in love with him since the first time I saw – or better, I read – him.

009 RH Ongoing 7 Colors

ZE: You can choose any one super power. What is it? Why?
RI: May I sleep and work at the same time? Think about it, life would be so much easier.

Follow Roberta on Twitter at @Robbertopoli

SNEAK PEAK: Roberta’s first Zenescope Cover | Robyn Hood Ongoing #12 B

RH Ongoing 12 Cover

Pre-Order Now for OZ: Reign of the Witch Queen

Oz_ROTWQ_Header1The arch-witch Zamora and the murderous Warlord have been routed, but for how long? As Thorne, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Smynth, and Adraste rally the good peoples of Oz, civil war and flying monkeys threaten the Realm of Hope. Dorothy Gale saved Oz once before, but who will save Oz from Dorothy Gale? Fantasy, betrayal, and death await in the final chapter of the Oz Trilogy!

Pre-order Oz: Reign of the Witch Queen by the team that brought you the shocking Oz: Age of Darkness. This six-issue series is written by Jeff & Kristin Massey, artwork by Antonio Bifulco, and colors by Hedwin Zaldivar.

002 Oz RotWQ 1 Inks 002 Oz RotWQ 1 Colors

003 Oz RotWQ 1 Colors 011 Oz RotWQ 1 Colors

Fill out, print, and take this order form to your local comic shop and reserve your subscription for OZ: Reign of the Witch Queen on shelves 4/29/15. (Final Order Date: 4/6/15, Diamond Order Code: FEB151754)

OZ: Reign of the Witch Queen PDF





Zenescope partners with Scribd

Zenescope 10th Anniversary Header_edit

Zenescope continues their YEAR10 Celebration with the announcement of a partnership between the publisher and Scribd. Fans will have access to the amazing Zenescope digital catalog including Grimm Fairy Tales, Wonderland, OZ, Neverland, and other fascinating offerings from the publisher’s 10 years of making comics.
From Scribd Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO, February 10, 2015 Scribd today announced that it is expanding its leading global subscription reading service to include unlimited access to more than 10,000 comic books from some of the world’s top comic publishers. This offering represents the first time such a rich and varied selection of comics from some of the industry’s top publishers including Marvel, Archie, Boom! Studios, Dynamite, IDW/Top Shelf, Valiant, and Zenescope have been made available in one unlimited digital subscription service.

You can read the entire press release here: ComicsRelease-2.3

Zenescope is concentrating and focusing on 10 stellar issues per month featuring their flagship titles plus Realm War, Grimm Tales of Terror, Charmed, and Robyn Hood plus mini-series for The Little Mermaid (Feb 2015), Grimm Fairy Tales: Fairies, and Grimm Fairy Tales: Coven.

Also in celebration, Zenescope will feature 6 individual Zenescope YEAR10 One-Shots beginning with Grimm Fairy Tales: Snow White (May 2015). These standalone stories will reflect new and different characteristics of much beloved characters and be included in Zenescope’s LAUNCH initiative for new readers. Zenescope will also concentrate on their all-ages title, Jurassic Strike Force 5 (May 2015), Free Comic Book Day events, Year10 Convention Tour stops, exclusive variant covers, giveaways, and limited-edition Year10 merchandise

Zenescope Is Hiring! New Sales Rep Needed!

Zenescope Entertainment, a Philadelphia based comic book publisher, is looking to hire an individual for their sales team.

Send resumes and cover letter to info@zenescope.com

This is a fast paced, exciting position as our team and business continue to grow! It’s a key role, as you are the first point of contact to retailers and fans. This position is a hybrid of inside and outside sales as it requires extensive outbound calling as well as travel since the company attends up to 40 pop culture conventions a year, including San Diego Comic Con!

Responsibilities Include:
• Make 40+ outbound calls per day to acquire new business, grow existing business relationships, educate customers on new products and capture sales.
• Attend numerous pop-culture conventions in a sales capacity to meet show goals and promote new books.
• Answer inbound calls and respond to customer inquiries.
• Maintain customer records in the database.
• Meet and exceed weekly, monthly, and yearly sales goals and prepare weekly activity reports.
• 2-5 years in a sales position.
• BA/BS degree preferred, but not required.
• Outstanding customer focus.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.
• Must be organized, self-motivated and driven to succeed.
• A positive attitude and a team player.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office and experience with Goldmine, a plus.
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a group.
• Ability to travel extensively during convention season, up to 2-4 weekends per month.
Rewards and Compensation:
• Competitive base + commission plan.
• Ongoing contests and rewards programs.
• 100% Paid Medical & Dental.
• 401K
• Free Comic books!

Please include your salary requirement.  Resumes without a salary range will not be considered.


Send your résumé and cover letter to info@zenescope.com



The Zenescope VIP Loyalty Program is BACK!


We are happy to announce, the Zenescope VIP Rewards Program is back for 2015!
Become a 2015 Bronze VIP Member for only $99!


The 2015 Bronze VIP Program Starter Pack includes:

  • 2015 VIP Personalized Membership Card
  • Bronze VIP Badge & Zenescope Lanyard
  • Bronze VIP Exclusive Art Print
  • Bronze VIP Exclusive Limited Edition Cover
    *Artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
  • Year 10 Exclusive (to be announce later this Spring!)

    Once you are part of the program, you can start accumulating points for all purchases you make, 1 point for every $1 spent excluding shipping. You will receive points for every purchase made in 2015, even if the purchase was made before joining the VIP Program.

    The points can be redeemed for Zenescope merchandise – trades, gear, comics, exclusives, the chance to be drawn into a comic, and much more! A catalog will be released only to VIP Members with prizes that can be accumulated with their points.

    As a VIP Rewards Member, you can expect the following:

    • “First Friday” deals
      • One major VIP ONLY deal the first weekend of every month
    • Show exclusives
      • First access to select show exclusives
    • YEAR10 Anniversary Specials
      • Offers throughout 2015, celebrating Zenescope’s Year10 Anniversary
    • Access to out of print and archive items
    • More frequent updates to the product redemption catalog

Thank you to all of our fans who participated in the 2014 Zenescope VIP Loyalty program! We have listened to your feedback and feedback from non-members alike and hope the changes that we have implemented reflect this. We have seen tremendous growth with our loyalty program, and looking at new initiatives including additional areas of point accumulation to make it even better.

Here’s to a great 2015, and not only do we want to be the best Indie Publisher, but also provide a great loyalty program worthy of the best fans in the world!

For more information about the VIP Program please email info@zenescope.com

Zenescope Previews: GFT #104, Dark Shaman #2, GFT 2014 Holiday Edition

Grimm Fairy Tales #104
Rise of the Water Nymphs Part 1 of 2
Hailey seemingly catches Belinda scheming with the Dark One and rushes to tell Wulf, the one person she trusts. However, Hailey’s own past is about to catch up with her and complicate things far more than she can imagine.

Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Pat Shand
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Andrea Meloni
Colors by Ivan Nunes
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

GFT104_CoverA GFT104_CoverB GFT104_CoverC

Cover A by Ivan Nunes
Cover B by Stephen Schaffer
Cover C by Daxiong

GFT104_Pages_4-5 GFT104_Pages_10-11 GFT104_Page_12

Dark Shaman #2
The Arisen
Haunted by strange dreams, Colby finds her vacation anything by relaxing. Everyone else seems oblivious to the increasing danger. That is, until the recently awakened Shaman summons a freak snowstorm. As the Shaman claims his first sacrifice, it may already be too late for Colby and her friends.

Story by Joe Brusha
Written by Erica J. Heflin
Artwork by Sean Hill
Colors by Omi Remalante Jr.
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

DarkShaman_02_coverADarkShaman_02_coverB DarkShaman_02_coverC

Cover A by Harvey Tolibao // Ivan Nunes
Cover B by Marat Mychaels // Jacob Bear // Stephen Schaffer
Cover C by Jose Luis // Ivan Nunes
*Not Pictured: Cover D Retailer Super Rare Variant Cover by Paul Green

DarkShaman_02_pages 10-11 DarkShaman_02_pages 16-17 DarkShaman_02_page 18

Grimm Fairy Tales 2014 Holiday Edition
Every year, Krampus surfaces during the Holidays to punish humans most deserving his wrath. However, the being known to bring death on Christmas wasn’t always a vengeful killer. The origin of the most feared and ruthless monster of the Holiday season is finally revealed!

Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Pat Shand
Written by Anne Toole
Artwork by Butch Mapa
Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar and Valentina Pinto
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

GFTHoliday2014_cover A GFTHoliday2014_cover B GFTHoliday2014_cover C

Cover A by Sabine Rich
Cover B by Anthony Spay // Ivan Nunes
Cover C by Vincenzo Cucca // Ylenia Di Napoli
*Not Pictured: Cover D Retailer Rare Variant Cover (Limited to 500 Copies) by Mike Krome // Ula Mos

GFTHoliday2014_page 1GFTHoliday2014_page 2-3 GFTHoliday2014_page 4-5

All Rights Reserved © 2014 Zenescope Entertainment LLC. 
Grimm Fairy Tales 104, Dark Shaman 2, and Grimm Fairy Tales 2014 Holiday Edition go on sale this Wednesday (11/19/2014). Shop your local comic book store or online at http://shop.zenescope.com/new-releases




Zenescope Previews: Goddess Inc. #4 and Masumi #4 of 4

Goddess Inc. #4
Love & War
Zeus, in the guise of Gregor Brontios, has teamed up with Jules and Sage to put a stop to Venus’s sinister plans. However, when Jule’s attempt to assassinate Venus fails and turns into public spectacle, the secrecy that the gods established is threatened. As the war between good and evil approaches, the few remaining neutral players are in Venus’s sights.

Written by LaToya Morgan
Artwork by Manuel Preitano
Colors by Erick Arciniega
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

GoddessInc_04_cover AGoddessInc_04_cover B GoddessInc_04_cover C

Cover A by Renato Rei // Victor Bartlett
Cover B by Jason Metcalf // Wes Hartman
Cover C by Vincenzo Cucca // David Ocampo

GoddessInc_04_pages GoddessInc_04_pages2 GoddessInc_04_pages3

Masumi “Blades of Sin” #4 of 4 (FINAL ISSUE)
After Ryujin defeats Masumi, leaving her for dead in the haunted Sea of Trees, the silent assassin finds herself surrounded by the vengeful spirits of suicide victims. Unbeknownst to Masumi, Ryujin has stolen one of the fabled Legion blades that Masumi guarded… so even if Masumi escapes with her life, it might be too late to stop Ryujin and the Yakuza from exploiting the untapped power of the blade.

Story by Pat Shand, Joe Brusha, and Ralph Tedesco
Written by Joe Tyler
Artwork by Sergio Osuna
Colors by Francesca Zambon
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

Masumi_04_cover A Masumi_04_cover B Masumi_04_cover C

Cover A by Ken Lashley // Sean Ellery
Cover B by Jorge Meguro
Cover C by Jason Cardy


All Rights Reserved © 2014 Zenescope Entertainment.
Goddess Inc. #4 and Masumi #4 will both go on sale this Wednesday (11/12/14).
Shop your local comic book store or buy online at:



Zenescope Arrives at New York Comic Con!

Zenescope Arrives at New York Comic Con with over 16 Exclusives, Free Prizes and Giveaways, Artist Signings, and much more!

Inferno_ROH_02_coverE NYCC Franchesco 350
Inferno Rings of Hell #2 – Cover by Franchesco!

2015 NYCC Age of Darkness Calendar – Cover by Elias Chatzoudis

WONDER027_coverD NYCC 500
Wonderland #27 – Cover by Billy Tucci

WONDER028_coverD NYCC 500
Wonderland #28 – Cover by Michael Dooney

Zenescope Entertainment at New York Comic Con 2014 October 9th – 12th at Javits Convention Center
For more information and to schedule interviews please email: 

With prominent placement in booth # 1906 (and another space in Artist Alley at N307), Zenescope will showcase artists, creators, and writers throughout the weekend.  Featured guests include: Artgerm, Joe Brusha, Mike DeBalfo, Michael Dooney, Franchesco!, Dawn McTeigue, Paolo Pantalena,  David Seidman, Pat Shand, and Ralph Tedesco among many others.  For a full list of signings, check out Zenescope on Twitter and Facebook and www.zenescope.com

Zenescope invites fans to “CHARMED SATURDAY” at booth #1906 from 11am -1pm.  With signings by artist David Seidman and writer Pat Shand, the first 50 fans in line at the booth will receive Charmed Season 10 #1 for FREE.

Zenescope will officially LAUNCH their new initiative at New York Comic Con 2014. Fans will receive free “LAUNCH” titles throughout the weekend. The first 25 retailers will receive a limited edition pack including posters, free issues, discounts, and other marketing supplies.

Copyright © 2014 Zenescope Entertainment, All rights reserved.

Zenescope Entertainment: Age of Darkness Tour 2014

Zenescope Brings their Age of Darkness Tour to 6 more cities

Pittsburgh Comic Con – September 26-28
Wizard World Austin – October 2-4
New York Comic Con – October 9-12
ComiKaze – October 31- November 2
Wizard World Tulsa – November 7-9
Wizard World Reno – November 21-23

Here are two more exclusives that Zenescope will have at
New York Comic Con 2014!


GFT_Artbook_Vol2_Cover_NYCCExclusive                               OZ_HC_cover_NYCC250
Grimm Fairy Tales Art Book Volume 2                                                   Oz Hardcover
New York Comic Con Exclusive                                      New York Comic Con Exclusive
Limited to 250 Copies                                                                      Limited to 250 Copies
Cover Art by Ebas                                                                   Cover Art by Jamie Tyndall

Zenescope will officially “LAUNCH” their brand new initiative this year at New York Comic Con. Fans will be treated to select free comics and giveaways.  Retailers who want additional information can stop by the Zenescope Booth during NYCC to pick up free “LAUNCH” Initiative information and Zenescope marketing supplies.  More info to come!
For more information or to schedule interviews, please email press@zenescope.com


Zenescope Entertainment is Ready: New York Comic Con 2014

Masumi_02_coverE 1 NYCC 500                  GFTHAL2014_coverE NYCC 750
Masumi Is Ready…                                    Sela Is Ready…
(Masumi #2 Cover by Jason Cardy)           (GFT Halloween Special Cover by Artgerm)

For more information and to schedule interviews please email press@zenescope.com.    

Zenescope releases TWO of their over TWELVE exclusives for this year’s New York Comic Con!  At Booth 1906, expect Limited Edition Covers, Calendars, Hardcover books, and Art Prints plus signings featuring Zenescope creators, artists, and editors.  New York Comic Con takes place at the Javits Center in New York from October 9-12th.
The Zenescope Entertainment panel will take place on 10/10 at 5:15p in room 1A14. Famed writer, producer, and director Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros.) will moderate the panel and take part in a discussion and viewing on the Grimm Animated Series.
For comic fans and retailers, Zenescope will officially “LAUNCH” a brand new initiative at New York Comic Con. More details to come!
For more information about the convention dates, comics and books, or anything else regarding Zenescope, be sure to check out www.zenescope.com.