What Should Be The Next Zenescope Monthly Series?

Written by guest blogger David Goodman

With the conclusion of Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends with issue #25, that currently leaves Zenescope with two regular series (three if you include the bimonthly Grimm Universe) for their fans to look forward to each month. And while the various limited series that they publish are more than enough to keep even the most hardcore of Zenescope fans in a comic book coma month in and month out, there is something very rewarding about following a monthly series, especially if you have the chance to read it from issue #1.

And while Zenescope hasn’t announced any plans to launch a new monthly series anytime soon, I thought that with Unleashed putting a bright spotlight on the Grimm Universe, it might be fun to see what the candidates would be for a new regular series and what you the fans thought. After all, you are the ones that ultimately decide what Zenescope publishes when you vote with your hard earned money so your input counts more than you may think.

So what Grimm Universe characters might make for an outstanding monthly series? Let’s take a look.

Robyn Hood


This one should be fairly obvious to anyone who is a fan of Zenescope. Robyn Hood has easily been the companies biggest breakout hit since Wonderland and for good reason. In just one short 5 issue miniseries, Pat Shand created a multidimensional, fully realized character in Robyn Locksley, one that could be the subject of stories for years and years to come. Plus it helps that she embodies everything that Zenescope has come to represent in the comic book marketplace; kick ass women who can run with the big boys.

Realm Knights

GFTRK01_cover Digital

If ever there was a concept that was perfect for a regular monthly series, Realm Knights is it. I was blown away by the one-shot that came out a few months back and amazed how well a book like this worked in the Grimm Universe. Realm Knights takes the idea of the Avengers and boils it down to it’s essence, getting rid of all the extra crap and giving the reader the best of Zenescope in one book. Plus we would still get more Robyn Hood, and that’s never a bad thing.

Van Helsing

GFTVamp02_cover Digital

Even though she has only just made her first appearance in the pages of Unleashed, Van Helsing has already proven quite popular with the fans (and honestly how could she not the way Jamie Tyndall draws her on those covers). Much like Robyn Hood, she fits the Zenescope mold perfectly, and with most of her backstory still an open book, there are any number of directions a monthly series could go. And if ever someone should be a member of the Realm Knights, it’s Van Helsing.

The Jungle Book


Through two captivating miniseries, Mark L. Miller has reimagined The Jungle Book for a whole new generation and given it that special twist that makes it uniquely Zenescope. That’s no easy task, and yet when you finish Last of the Species, the second Jungle Book miniseries, you still get the feeling Miller has barely scratched the surface of the story he wants to tell. Some might say that a title like The Jungle Book works best in the miniseries format, but to me, it could be one huge, sprawling epic that could last for years.



Given the fact of her recent resurrection in Unleashed and apparent attempts to make right the wrongs she has committed, Belinda would make for a comic unlike any on the stands. It would be incredibly interesting to follow the character as she tries to redeem herself in the eyes of Sela and follow a new, dangerous path. Of course, we’ll have to wait until the end of Unleashed to see how things turn out for her, but I have my fingers crossed.



Like Robyn Hood, this one should jump right out at you. The long talked about fourth realm of power has finally been revealed in Oz #1 and you can’t tell me that the whole story can be wrapped up in six issues. I could imagine a book like Oz lasting at least 200 issues if not more; the idea is that deep and complex. I for one am going to have a really hard time waiting between miniseries so why don’t you do us all a favor and just make it a monthly, huh?



Other than Hook appearing in the pages of Bad Girls and Realm Knights, not much has been heard from Neverland since the Dream Eater Saga and I think it’s time for that to change. Like Oz, Neverland is a rich concept that could sustain a monthly series for years. Hell, at this point I would even take a Hook monthly book; at least then we could see a peek every now and then of Neverland.


So what do you think? Any of those sound like something you would be willing to buy each and every month? Or maybe you have another idea? Well let us know. Sound off in the comments below and help Zenescope decide if launching a new monthly series is a good idea. They only way they’ll know is if you tell them.

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Checking in from the Road


Hello Zenescope fans!


We just wanted to check in and let you know that we have been having tons of fun seeing you all on the road and, though we’re certainly not done traveling for the year, we wanted to make sure we thanked you all for visiting the booth. For those of you that haven’t been able to see us yet, here’s what’s been going on at the shows.



We were very happy to have Jessica Nigri and all the cosplay girls on hand to sign their Grimm Fairy Tales Cosplay One-Shot photo covers. The fans really seemed to enjoy the comic, which was our love letter to all you fantastic cosplayers out there.  We had some other cool exclusives as well.



Philadelphia is always an exciting show for us because it’s a home game. We are actually based out of the Philadelphia, so we pull out all the stops for this show. Our friends Montana, Crystal (pictured above) and Sam were dressed up as our Wonderland characters and spreading the word about our comics to the masses. We also debuted the demo of our Grimm Fairy Tales Photohunt game, coming this July!


So that’s a taste of just some of the things we have been doing on the road. We are so glad to have met so many of you and we can’t wait for more conventions!


Regarding Ms. Doherty’s likeness

Here was Zenescope’s official statement on the question of using Shannon Doherty’s likeness in the Charmed comic.

“Unfortunately Ms. Doherty has declined to be involved in the comic version of Charmed. This includes the use of her likeness. We had hoped that she would allow us to use her image and that we would be able to bring her into the Charmed comic book exactly as she was in the show but at this point that has become impossible. While Ms. Doherty’s likeness will not be used for the character we are still very excited about the direction we are going with Prue and we hope that fans of Charmed will feel the same way.”

-Ralph Tedesco, Editor in Chief

This Week in Releases: February 1st


It is unseasonably warm outside, which was the perfect excuse for us to go out and play some basketball. I am nearly the worst player on earth, but it was fun  to be outside. Sometimes you need to take your mind off of work. Then, after “b-ball lunch”, we rolled back into the office and started powering through these comics. We are really excited about what we’re releasing, and you should be too. Today marks the release of the first ongoing series under our Silver Dragon Books imprint, entitled Jurassic Strike Force 5.

Print Releases

  • Jurassic Strike Force 5 #1
  • Charmed #18 (Enjoy Charmed fans!)
  • Brimstone #7 (The thrilling conclusion!)


We had a great week last week digitally, thanks to all your Alice fans. Alice may not be available in stores very easily, but it is very easy to pick her up on the digital storefront. Now, we continue our digital release calender with more Grimm, Theater, Tales from Wonderland and, of course, The Dream Eater Saga!


Available this week:

  • Grimm Fairy Tales: The Dream Eater Saga #6 (Salem’s Daughter Crossover)
  • Theater 4
  • Grimm Fairy Tales # 60
  • Tales From Wonderland: Red Rose
Also now available:
  • Grim Fairy Tales: Alice in Wonderland #1
  • Brimstone #5
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Sinbad #3
  • Grimm Fairy Tales # 59
  • Monster Hunters Survival Guide #4
In case you didn’t know, Alice #1 has sold out through Diamond and our web store, but some can be found at your local comic book stores. It has also sold very well digitally, breaking into the top 50 best sellers on ComiXology.

Graphicly, and iVerse also have some new digital releases this week so check them out as well.


So there you have it. We have quite the year ahead of us and are looking forward to the adventure. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. The blog is just one of the many ways to stay in touch with you and for you to let us know what you think. You can also Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.


New Person Behind the Curtain


Well Hello Everyone!

Come on in!

My name is Stephen Haberman and I am the new marketing manager here at Zenescope. I wanted to introduce myself as I will be the people behind the curtain here on the blog as well as in a few other places. It isn’t every day that someone finds themselves in the job of their dreams, but today I am happy to be one of those lucky people. Now, we are looking forward to growing the brand, and, of course, connecting to the fans.

The folks here at Zenescope are a very talented and driven team, and the work certainly proves that. It is that drive that really pushes us to bring you what you want. We have the blog and are on social media to connect with you and hear what you think. We are now focusing more on that goal. So, it’s time for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you, the fans.

We are going to be updating the blog more, chatting on twitter, and posting more sneak peeks into the rabbit hole. If you have any suggestions or requests as to what you want to see from us, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are very excited for the road ahead and I hope you are as well.