DeathForce02_cover A

Death Force #2

Rick Murphy’s humanity is gone. Now unstoppable as Death Force, he seeks revenge on the men who killed the woman he loved… and nothing stands in his way.

EFMI_05 Cover A

Escape from Monster Island #5

  Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D Sami Kivela | Ivan Nunes Alfredo Reyes | Mohan Sivakami Cris Delara Caio Cacau The Elf Queen imprisons Kelsey but she needs something from her. Merrick and Xorn mount a rescue attempt but it’s one that will force Kelsey to make …


Robyn Hood: I Love NY Sneak Preview

Who’s excited for the new Robyn Hood series, coming out in June? Here is a super special sneak peek of Robyn Hood: I Love NY with art by David Lorenzo Riveiro and colors by Grostieta. Tell your comic retailer you want Robyn Hood: I Love NY today!    


Grimm Fairy Tales ends at 125!

Don’t miss the grand finale over ten years in the making! This August, Grimm Fairy Tales comes to a close with an epic 65 page action packed issue. Original Grimm Fairy Tales: Arcane Acre artist Andrea Meloni along with a showcase of Zenescope’s top artists join writer Pat Shand, colorist …


Wonderland 50 Sneak Preview

Journey back down the rabbit hole one last time! The finale issue of Wonderland is coming this August. Here is an exclusive sneak preview with some amazing interior art by long time Wonderland artist J.G. Miranda. Tell your local comic retailer you want the last issue of Wonderland!