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Greetings, Zenescope faithful!  As UNLEASHED gets rolling, the writers of the big horror event of 2013 have gotten together to talk about it.  In the near future, you’ll see Raven Gregory, Mark L. Miller, Troy Brownfield and Pat Shand interviewing AND being interviewed by each other.  You can read the pieces here on the Zenescope […]

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Oz And Zenescope: The Perfect Match

*This article was written by a guest blogger  Myst, Neverland, Wonderland and Oz. Ever since Grimm Fairy Tales transformed from a anthology style book into the flagship title of the Grimm Universe, we have heard about these four realms. Four realms of power that are inexorably linked to Earth and have shaped it’s inhabitants for […]

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Zenescope Entertainment Announces OZ

 Zenescope Entertainment Announces OZ Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans to publish its newest Grimm Fairy Tales comic book spin-off entitled OZ. Fans of Zenescope’s comics have been looking forward to the company’s re-imagining of this classic story for quite a while as it’s been hinted at in numerous issues over the past two years. Oz […]

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