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Grimm Universe #1 (released 10/10/12) Written By: Pat Shand This new bi-monthly series features characters from the Grimm Universe in never before told stories. Issue #1 ties directly into the 2012 annual and the Grimm Angel One-Shot. As the Flesh Reavers descend on the people of earth an unlikely alliance forms between a trio of […]

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Zenescope’s Animated Series Screening Party during New York Comic Con Weekend

  Zenescope Entertainment and Titmouse Studios are proud to announce the Grimm Fairy Tales the Animated Series screening party event during New York Comic Con weekend in October. The pilot episode of Zenescope’s, Titmouse’s, and Schneppzone’s Grimm Fairy Tales series, which was fully funded through the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, will make its much-anticipated debut at […]

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Whore Reviews and Interviews !

The Fellowship of the Geek provide yet another excellent review for the graphic novel, Whore. The book is published by Zenescope Entertainment and is on sale now! “The book has a sort of James Bond-esque feel to it; Jake does things that we only dream about or watch on the movie screen. And he does […]

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