Zenescoop Previews: GFT Werewolves The Hunger #1


A new comic book day, deserves a new preview, so here it is: GFT Werewolves The Hunger #1!


GFTWerewolves_1_cover B




GFTWerewolves_1_cover Digital GFTWerewolves_1_cover IFC GFTWerewolves_1_p1 GFTWerewolves_1_p3 GFTWerewolves_1_p15 GFTWerewolves_1_p19


With the focus on Roman, this mini-series is sure to turn some heads. The covers were done by Mike Krome, and Anthony Spay, with interior pencils by Elmer Cantada, and Colors by Omi Remalante Jr.

We hope you enjoy this mini-series, out May 22nd.

ZeneScoops: The Week That Was (December 10-17)

Remember when we said we would be updating you more? We weren’t kidding. It has been a good week for us. We have a new member to the team, some serious excitement heading into 2012, and, of course, the holidays to look forward to.  Today marks our office holiday party, and we will be sure to share some photos with you here.

Every week, we are going to take a look at the biggest news and coverage on Zenescope on the internet this past week so that we can make sure you haven’t missed anything.


In case you missed it, here are our releases for this week:


We launched our art prints website and have some very nice holiday prints available, check it out:


WBZH The Buzz’s host Suki interviewed our own Ralph Tedesco. You can listen to the interview here:


We are getting ready for our first comic convention of 2012, Amazing Arizona. Check out the convention’s official site for details about the event:


Fly was featured in ComicBuzz’s Best of 2011 Spectacular:


Talking Comics reviewed The Theater#3 and Fly volume 1, see what they thought:



That covers a handful of things we thought you wouldn’t want to miss. Keep checking back to the blog for more and more news about all things Zenescope. If you haven’t yet liked us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter, you should!



New Person Behind the Curtain


Well Hello Everyone!

Come on in!

My name is Stephen Haberman and I am the new marketing manager here at Zenescope. I wanted to introduce myself as I will be the people behind the curtain here on the blog as well as in a few other places. It isn’t every day that someone finds themselves in the job of their dreams, but today I am happy to be one of those lucky people. Now, we are looking forward to growing the brand, and, of course, connecting to the fans.

The folks here at Zenescope are a very talented and driven team, and the work certainly proves that. It is that drive that really pushes us to bring you what you want. We have the blog and are on social media to connect with you and hear what you think. We are now focusing more on that goal. So, it’s time for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you, the fans.

We are going to be updating the blog more, chatting on twitter, and posting more sneak peeks into the rabbit hole. If you have any suggestions or requests as to what you want to see from us, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are very excited for the road ahead and I hope you are as well.