Zenescoop Previews Fly: The Fall #1

We’re back with some more beautiful art and awesome comics. After seeing Fly make so many “Best of 2011″ lists, we are excited to be able to continue the series. Here is a special preview of Fly: The Fall #1.


This cover was done by Darick Robertson

page 11

page 12

page 13

And then, an little bit later in the story…

So there you have it! A sneak peek at  Fly: The Fall. The issue will be available in stores on Wednesday, November 7th. Make sure to pick up a copy!

Zenescoop Previews: Charmed #18


Charmed fans have been vocal about their appreciation for our comic book and we are glad to bring them another excellent issue . Charmed #18  has continued to have strong writing and beautiful covers, thanks to writer Paul Ruditis, and cover artist David Seidman. The interior artwork is done by Dean Kotz, who handles the difficult task very well.

Zenescope is happy to be connected with such a devoted fan base and an interesting series. Without further ado, here is the preview of Charmed #18:































Well, we’re sure you’re excited to see more from this book, and it it will be available digitally and on store shelves next week.

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SALE ALERT: Wonderland books on Sale

In celebration of the upcoming release of Alice#1, Zenescope Entertainment will be running a sale on all previous Wonderland releases on our web site! The sale will begin on Wednesday, January 18th and continue until the end of the month. To purchase these comics, head to www.zenescope.com/comics. Many of our fans were excited to hear about the Wonderland digital sale but wanted it available in print. Here’s your chance!


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The books are going to be on sale starting Wednesday, January 18th and will last until the end of the month. We are, of course, featuring the Wonderland series to celebrate the upcoming release of Alice #1.

Oh my!

We’re also proud to announce, officially, that Alice #1 will be in stores Wednesday, January 25th. If you’re not ordering it through our site, make sure to pick it up in your local comic book store. Alice #1 has the potential to the most successful comic Zenescope has ever released.


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Attention Charmed Fans!


Attention all of you Charmed fans out there! First of all, we wanted to thank you for supporting this series and we are continuing to look for new ways to make these comics available to you.


we are proud to announce that our Charmed series is now available on Newstand! That’s right, the iOS featured app now has 100% more Charmed. The series is being powered by Graphicly and will be a monthly subscription. You’ll be able to get all of your Charmed comics digitally on your iOS devices without even having to go looking for them.

Here the link!



Enjoy! Please let us know, how do you get your Charmed comics? Do you enjoy picking them up digitally? Or do you always make sure to pick up a physical copy?


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Zenescoop Previews: Grimm Fairy Tales 2011 Holiday Edition



Well,  since the Holiday season is coming to a close, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to spotlight this year’s holiday edition. It is exciting to be able to bring a Zenescope twist to just about any tale, but The Christmas Carol was a fun one to revisit.

This was the cover B, done by Sjepan Sejic. Sjepan does a good amount of covers for Zenescope, and this one really captures the tale with a clever use of lighting. The moonlight background focuses on the dark possibilities and characters but the candlelit foreground offers a sense of hope. The whole tale is told in one image.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the interiors of the holiday edition. Here is page 16, done by Reno Maniquis, depicting the “past” that led to her current life.

Here is page 28 and 29,  done by Anthony Spay, depicting the dark ghouls that also haunt her that very night.

And finally, here is page 37, done by Jim Rodgers, depicting Elizabeth’s please for a chance to change her ways to Krampus.

And there you have it! Another glimpse into the recent work from us here at Zenescope. We hope you check out our holiday edition if you haven’t already. If you haven’t yet got yourself a copy of this specific issue, don’t forget that we sell all of our comic books on our website. This issue is available here.


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