Zenescoop Previews: Robyn Hood #5

Zenescoop previews is back with a look inside the story of one of the most popular new characters Zenescope has introduced. Robyn Hood #5 is the conclusion to this exciting mini-series, but it is not, in fact, the last we’ll see of Robyn Hood.

Check it out!


Also, as a special bonus for out Robyn Hood fans, the cover is actually AR-enabled, so you can catch a special Q&A with writer Pat Shand by using the Zenescope AR app, powered by Aurasma (instructions on how to use the app are inside the back cover of the book.)


That’s all for now. Let us know what upcoming releases you want to see a preview of, and we’ll see what we can do!


Zenescoop Previews Fly: The Fall #1

We’re back with some more beautiful art and awesome comics. After seeing Fly make so many “Best of 2011″ lists, we are excited to be able to continue the series. Here is a special preview of Fly: The Fall #1.


This cover was done by Darick Robertson

page 11

page 12

page 13

And then, an little bit later in the story…

So there you have it! A sneak peek at  Fly: The Fall. The issue will be available in stores on Wednesday, November 7th. Make sure to pick up a copy!

Regarding Ms. Doherty’s likeness

Here was Zenescope’s official statement on the question of using Shannon Doherty’s likeness in the Charmed comic.

“Unfortunately Ms. Doherty has declined to be involved in the comic version of Charmed. This includes the use of her likeness. We had hoped that she would allow us to use her image and that we would be able to bring her into the Charmed comic book exactly as she was in the show but at this point that has become impossible. While Ms. Doherty’s likeness will not be used for the character we are still very excited about the direction we are going with Prue and we hope that fans of Charmed will feel the same way.”

-Ralph Tedesco, Editor in Chief

Literally Breaking News: Fowls Get Revenge for Thanksgiving


January 31, 2012

Horsham, PA

Superbowl Sunday has not only been the largest sporting event in America, but is well-named, as it is also one of the largest days of food consumption in the states. The second largest day of heavy consumption in fact. Of course, the only day that surpasses the super bowl in heavy food consumption is, in fact, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time when many, many families choose to serve turkey as the main course. For a turkey, Thanksgiving is a terrible day for its population. Now, turkeys, even after their last breath, have found a way to strike back at us on football Sundays…

Want to see the tragic end to this fowl tale? Head to the web store and purchase a copy of 1000 Ways to Die: The Graphic Novel.  It will be available for purchase 2/8/2012.