New York Comic Con Plans and Exclusives

It is time to reveal our plans for NYCC:

Zenescope Entertainment has announced its plans for New York Comic Con 2012 at the Javits Center in New York City from October 11th through the 14th.  The company will be appearing at booth # 1657 and will have on hand the most products and content it ever has in the 7 years Zenescope has been attending the east coast’s largest Comic Con.

Brand new issues debuting at the booth will be the Grimm Fairy Tales 2012 Halloween Edition, the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Comic and the Grimm Fairy Tales Giant Sized 2012.

Zenescope will also have 12 limited edition New York Comic Con Exclusive Covers available from artists such as EBAS, Anthony Spay, Jamie Tyndall, Elias Chatzoudis and many more!  Many artists are going to be available to sign at different times throughout the weekend.

Other Zenescope merchandise will include Wonderland Board Games, Action Figures, T-shirts, Art Prints and all the latest Trade Paperbacks, Graphic Novels and Exclusives fans are looking for!

Meanwhile the Zenescope booth has FREE signings and FREE Giveaways all weekend long.  Some of the creators appearing at booth 1657 include writers Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha and Patrick Shand; artists include Anthony Spay, Jamie Tyndall, Elias Chatzoudis and more.

There will be more special appearances from Grimm Fairy Tales Animated director Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, Venture Bros.) and Grimm Fairy Tales animated actress Briana Evigan (The Devil’s Carnival, Sorority Row).

Also appearing will be Cosplay queen Jessica Nigri and of course the gorgeous Zenescope Booth Babes! See below for is a complete list of Exclusives and Appearances.

The biggest news of the weekend is the premiere of the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Pilot which was fan-funded through Kickstarter and produced by Zenescope, Titmouse and Schneppzone.  The pilot will make its much-anticipated debut on the evening of October 13th with a screening party and fairy tale-themed burlesque show performed by Ink & Paint Burlesque. The event is being held at Times Scare in New York City on Saturday, October 13th, with doors opening at 9:30pm.

Limited tickets for the event will be available for sale at the Zenescope booth or online at

Lastly, there will be a Zenescope panel that will premiere a first look sneak peek at Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales Animated pilot. The panel will feature director Jon Schnepp, Grimm Fairy Tales writers and creators Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco and actress Brianna Evigan. It will be Friday, from 7:45pm – 8:45pm in panel room 1A14.

If you are an aspiring artist looking to become a member of the Zenescope creative team, they will be doing portfolio reviews on Friday through Sunday from 12:00pm – 2:00pm at the booth (1657). Please bring examples of your work, including sequentials, penciled pages, pin-up. The company is also actively seeking colorists so colorists are welcome.

Here are the exclusives for New York Comic Con 2012:

GFT Animated Briana Evigan Photo cover (Limited to 350)

Actress Briana Evigan will be signing at the Zenescope booth Friday and Saturday from 5-6 pm

GFT Giant Sized 2012 (Limited to 500)

There will be an ultra-limited variant of this cover available at the booth.

GFT Halloween Edition 2012 (Limited to 500)

*The cover artist Anthony Spay will be signing at the Zenescope booth Friday and Saturday.

GFT 78 (Limited to 500)

There will be an ultra-limited variant of this cover available at the booth.

GML 21 (Limited to 350 (Left)$25) and GML 21 (Limited to 750 (Right)$15)

*The cover artist Elias Chatzoudis will be signing at the Zenescope booth Friday and Saturday , from 1 – 2 pm and again from 4-5 pm.

Godstorm 1 (Limited to 750)

*The cover artist Elias Chatzoudis and writer Pat Shand will be signing at the Zenescope booth Friday and Saturday , from 1 – 2 pm and again from 4-5 pm.

Robyn Hood #1 (Limited to 500)

*The cover artist Jamie Tyndall will be signing this issue at the Zenescope booth Friday, from 2:30 – 3:30pm (booth 1657) for the Robyn Hood launch signing.

Wonderland 3 (Limited to 750)

Here is the list of New York Comic Con exclusives we will have available at the booth (Booth #1657) Grimm Fairy Tales presents Robyn Hood #1, Grimm Fairy Tales #78, Grimm Fairy Tales 2012 Halloween Edition, Wonderland #3, Grimm Fairy Tales Myths and Legends #21, Godstorm #1, and Grimm Fairy Tales the Animated Series One-Shot. 

Appearing and signing at the Zenescope booth #1657 during the show: Briana Evigan, Jon Schnepp, Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Raven Gregory, Patrick Shand, Jessica Nigri, Elias Chatzoudis, Jamie Tyndall, Anthony Spay, Mark L Miller, Joey Esposito, Jesse Wichmann.

Most signings will include giveaways so check for updated signing schedules. Here is the planned schedule:

Thursday (3pm – 9pm) (Preview Day)

5:00pm – Jesse Wichmann

Friday (10am -7pm)

11:00am – Anthony Spay

12:00pm – Raven Gregory

1:00pm – Elias Chatzoudis

2:30pm- 3:30pm – Robyn Hood Launch Signing! –  Writer Pat Shand, Cover Artist Jamie Tyndall, Cosplayer Jessica Nigri

4:00pm – Elias Chatzoudis, Pat Shand

5:00pm – Briana Evigan

Saturday (10am -7pm)

11:00am – Joey Esposito, Raven Gregory

12:00pm – Mark L. Miller, Raven Gregory

1:00pm – Elias Chatzoudis, Pat Shand

2:00 to 2:30pm – Amin Amat

2:30 -3:30pm – Jessica Nigri

2:00 to 4:00pm – Raven Gregory

4:00pm – Elias Chatzoudis, Pat Shand

5:00pm – Briana Evigan, Jon Schnepp

Sunday (10am -5pm

11:00am – Raven Gregory

12:00pm – Pat Shand

1:00pm – Jesse Wichmann

2:00pm – Anthony Spay

Zenescope’s Upcoming Exclusives


Well, we are keeping very busy with our convention season, but we want to show you the exclusives you can expect for each show! This is a great way for you to keep track of what shows we will be attending and what shows we’ll have exclusives for.


Call of Wonderland 3C – $15

Grimm Fairy Tales 77C – $15

Grimm Fairy Tales 76C – $15


Wonderland 2D – $15

Irresistible 2C – $15


Call of Wonderland 4C – $15

Grimm Myths and Legends 20C – $15


Irresistible 3C – $15

Grimm Bad Girls #2C – $15


Grimm Universe #1 (Limited to 500)


GFT Robyn Hood #1 Cover E (Limited to 500)

GFT Robyn Hood #1 Cover F (Limited to 100)


Wonderland #3C by Jesse Wichmann (Limited to 750)

Myths and Legends #21 by Elias Chatzoudis (Limited to 750)

Myths and Legends #21 by Elias Chatzoudis (Limited to 350)

Robyn Hood #1 by Jamie Tyndall (Limited to 500)

Spring Fling Sale!


We have an awesome sale going on for our website this month! The Spring Fling sale will run all month long and we are sure you’ll be excited about it.

We want to “fling” some awesome stuff your way, so, all May long, for every $100 you spend, you be getting a limited to 500 exclusive for FREE!!! That’s right! Every $100 you spend, you get a FREE exclusive.

Now, we have to give you some directions on how to go about getting your exclusive(s).

1. Place an order of $100 or more on our web store (

2. Email Glenn ( with your name and order number.

3. Glenn will reply to confirm your order has earned you an exclusive and will send you a list to choose from.

Just so you are aware, here is a list of some of the series that have exclusives available:

  • Charmed
  • Neverland Hook
  • Grimm Fairy Tales
  • Escape from Wonderland
  • Grimm Myths and Legends
*if the series is not listed here, you are welcome to request something, but we have limited amounts of the exclusives in stock. 

This is about as easy as we can make it. We hope you take advantage of it.

Emerald City ComiCon Fix!


Dear Zenescope fans,

For those of you that attended ECCC in the hopes of picking up a copy of our exclusives at the show, you may have been unable to due to a shipping error. We were sad to hear about this situation,  so we wanted to remedy it. We have some good news for you. We are going to be offering all of the Emerald City ComiCon exclusives to you first.

Here are the exclusives we planned to have available at ECCC…

Alice #4


Greg Horn – $15 -

The Waking Dreams End #1

the waking dreams end cover D

Eric Basaldua – $30 – 

Email us at to place an order and we’ll get you all set up. We’re going to have to limit the orders to 2 copies of each cover per customer.  We apologize for the inconvenience due to this shipping error at ECCC and we hope everyone that took the time to stop by the booth can get what they were looking for.

We here at Zenescope love our fans and we know we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Thank you for supporting us and we hope to see you continue to enjoy our comics.


This Week in Releases: December 14th

Well, well well…

Another Comic book Wednesday has come and gone and we want to make sure you know what you can find on the store shelves as well as the digital storefront.

So here are our new releases:


Grimm Fairy Tales Presents The Library #3

The Theater # 3

(For Theater #3, we are offering a Zenescope exclusive)

Ooo, Nice!


We are so happy to able to offer many of our comics through a number of great digital stores.

First of all, you can download our Zenescope app. and get out comics there. The Zenescope iOS app is powered by Comixology and so everything we have available through Comixology is also available through our app.

comiXology – (Their iOS App can be found here)

  • Charmed #16
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #51
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Holiday Edition #3: 2011
  • Grimm Fairy Tales Presents The Library #2
  • The Theater #2

Graphicly(Find their apps here)

  • Salem’s Daughter #3
  • Salem’s Daughter #4
  • The Adventures of Sinbad #0

iVerse (Find their app here)

  • Beyond Wonderland #1
  • Beyond Wonderland #2
  • Beyond Wonderland #3
  • Charmed: Season 9 #6
  • Charmed: Season 9 #7
  • Charmed: Season 9 #8
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #25
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #26
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #27
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #28

What are you most excited to pick up this week?