Zenescope’s 2013 Extra Life Team: Join, Donate or Watch!

Zenescope Entertainment is doing Extra Life again this year!
Last year was our first year taking part in Extra Life as a company, and we made a great debut!Thanks to our team members, and supporters, out of 2465 teams, we were ranked #168! And we were able to raise $1874! That is a good amount of money and it is going help the kids, which is the most important thing.
This year’s Extra Life will take place Saturday, November 2nd and  the team goal is to raise over $2000, and I think we have a good chance at meeting that goal.
Donate, or join the team!
Our team captain…is me. I will be gaming across multiple systems over the course of the 25 hours, and be giving away a handful of prizes to supporters, team members, and even fans who are active during the event.
You can find me on:
PSN: GoateeSox
Xbox: Goatee
How can you be an active fan during Extra Life?
Well, it’s simple really. You simply watch us game!
We will be live-streaming the entire marathon here: http://www.twitch.tv/thegeekyhusband
The most exiting part about our involvement this year, is that we found a unique, Zenescope way to support the cause, and that is with offering an exclusive. Here is the Extra Life exclusive, on Grimm Fairy Tales #91 Cover D by Talent Caldwell.
Sela as a gamer girl…couldn’t be more fitting. This cover will only be available at our booth #704 at ComiKaze, as well as on our web store on November 2nd. A portion of all the proceeds from the sale of this cover will be donated to Extra Life, and that money is given to the Children’s Miracle Network.
We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this worthy cause and we hope you are able to join us for this marathon on Saturday, November 2nd.

Zenescope’s Gaming for a Cause



Zenescope fans are awesome.  This much is obvious. You guys have helped us fund the animated series pilot, came out in droves to our convention booths to meet us, and sang our praises all over social media. Thank you.

So Steve, your friendly digital voice on Zenescope here on the blog, and on social media, came up with a digital event worth looking into if you want to have another unique experience with your favorite Zenescope crew.

Zenescope is doing Extra Life. Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon where gamers pledge to play video games for 24 hours straight and take donations in support of their marathon. 100% of the money raised goes to the Children’s Hospital Network to support the children’s hospitals in their area.  You can find the team page here:


So, we wanted the fans to know we would be playing and are open to having fans join the team. You are also welcome to donate, or just play along with us. We will be playing Saturday, October 20. Zenescope staff team members include: Stephen Haberman, Dave Franchini, and Matt Rogers so far, with more planning to join in on the fun.

If you decide to donate or join the team, you will be entered to win prizes, including Zenescope t-shirts, comics, and even MegaTouch will have some Grimm Fairy Tales Photohunt game codes to give away. We will also be putting together 3 prize packages for the 3 highest donors.  We hope that you are able to participate in the marathon, or at least watch as our team plays for the kids!