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Gretel #1

Gretel’s story has been more of a nightmare than a fairy tale ever since the tragic events of her childhood. These events have left her cursed for many centuries. After her heart-wrenching debut in Grimm Universe Presents, Gretel has been gifted the power of premonition. But when she has a psychic vision foretelling the end of the world, Gretel must open old wounds if she wants to try and prevent it from coming true.

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Ben Meares: Interview on New Series Gretel

You’ve had an introduction to Gretel in the original Grimm Fairy Tales comics, and almost everyone knows the tale of Hansel & Gretel; but we’ve taken her story in a whole new direction. Ben Meares, author of Grimm Tales of Terror Vol. 2 #9, Grimm Tales of Terror: Vol. 4 #3 &¬†#6, and Grimm Fairy Tales: 2018 Halloween &¬†Holiday Specials, is the writer behind our newest upcoming series, Gretel!

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