Zenescope Previews: Grimm Fairy Tales 100 & Wonderland 25

Grimm Fairy Tales 100 (Age of Darkness)
Darkness Falls

The landmark issue of one of the hottest indie comics of the past decade has arrived!

It all began with Sela Mathers, the Guardian of the Nexus, a woman tasked with teaching misguided humans right from wrong. But Sela’s struggles, her ups and downs, and the effects of those she’s helped and those she’s lost to darkness will all culminate in this epic 100th issue! Sela will take on the biggest threat she’s ever faced as the Dark Queen looks to plunge the Grimm Universe into an Age of Darkness.

Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Anthony Spay
Written by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco
Artwork by Anthony Spay
Colors by Ivan Nunes
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade


GFT100_coverB Wraparound GFT100_coverC Wraparound

GFT100_coverD GFT100_coverE GFT100_coverF GFT100_coverG Birthday

Cover A by Neal Adams/Ivan Nunes
Wraparound Cover B by Anthony Spay/Ivan Nunes
Wraparound Cover C by Franchesco!/Sabine Rich
Cover D by Sean Chen/Wes Hartman
Cover E by Mike S. Miller/Mohan Sivakami
Cover F by Harvey Tolibao/Ivan Nunes
Cover G by Elias Chatzoudis
*Red Carpet Retailer Incentive by Elias Chatzoudis
*Red Carpet Exclusive (Limited to 100) Richard Ortiz/Sabine Rich
*SDCC ‘Grimm’ Exclusive (Limited to 750) Mike Debalfo/Ula Mos
*SDCC Exclusive (Limited to 100) Mike DeBalfo/Ula Mos
*SDCC Blank Sketch Cover (limitef to 250)
*Midtown Comics Exclusive (Limited to 500) Elias Chatzoudis
*Beachbum Comics Exclusive (Limited to 500) Elias Chatzoudis
*HotFlips Comics Exclusive (Limited to 250) Elias Chatzoudis
*Comic Elite Exclusive (Limited to 500) Elias Chatzoudis
*North Bay Computer Services Exclusive (Limited to 500) Elias Chatzoudis

GFT100_page 1 GFT100_page 5 GFT100_page 6 GFT100_page 7 GFT100_page 12


Wonderland 25 (Age of Darkness)

Calie and Violet have been fleeing from Wonderland for their entire lives… until now. In this double-sized anniversary issue of Wonderland, the Liddle women wage war on Wonderland and the villainous Queen of Spades. When the dust is settled, there will be a new ruler of Wonderland… but will it be someone who has Calie’s best interest at heart, or will an evil even worse than the Jabberwocky rise to power?

Written by Eric M. Esquivel
Artwork by Manuel Preitano
Colors Leonardo Paciarotti
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

WONDER025_coverA WONDER025_coverB WONDER025_coverC WONDER025_coverD WONDER025_coverE

Cover A by Artgerm
Cover B by Joe Benitez/Sanju Nivangune
Cover C by Sean Chen/Simon Gough
Cover D by Nei Ruffino
Cover E by Daniel Leister/Ivan Nunes
*Red Carpet Retailer Incentive by Elias Chatzoudis
*Red Carpet Exclusive (Limited to 100) by Mike DeBalfo/Ula Mos
*Red Carpet Exclusive (Limited to 25) by Mike DeBalfo/Ula Mos

WONDER025_page1 WONDER025_page2 WONDER025_page3 WONDER025_page4


Grimm Fairy Tales 100 (Age of Darkness) and Wonderland 25 (Age of Darkness) on sale Wednesday (7/15/14) on shop.zenescope.com

Grimm Fairy Tales 100 and Realm War: Age of Darkness Announcement

Zenescope’s GRIMM FAIRY TALES #100 to herald an Age of Darkness in “Realm War.”

HORSHAM, PA May 2014 — As Zenescope Entertainment closes in on its landmark issue that’s been the heartbeat of the company for almost a decade, fans and retailers noticed the company began labeling many of its popular Grimm Fairy Tales (also known as GFT) titles with the “Age of Darkness” brand. Age of Darkness is a way to tell readers which titles connect, in one way or another, to the universe altering events of Grimm Fairy Tales #100 and the subsequent twelve-issue GFT Realm War “Age of Darkness” series that is set to release right after 100.

GFT 100 Cover A by Neal Adams/Colors by Ivan Nunes

Fans can enhance their experience by reading any or all of the Age of Darkness branded titles, yet there are four issues that are important to read in leading up to the anticipated GFT #100. Most of which are currently available for preorder in Diamond Previews May Catalog. The reading order of essential Age of Darkness issues is as follows:

  1. Grimm Fairy Tales 2014 Annual – May 14th release date
  2. Grimm Fairy Tales Realm Knights Age of Darkness one-shot – July 2nd release date
  3. Grimm Fairy Tales 2014 Giant Sized Edition – July 2nd release date
  4. Grimm Fairy Tales #99 – July 2nd release date
  5. Grimm Fairy Tales #100 – July 16th release date
  6. GFT Realm War “Age of Darkness” #1 – July 23rd release date

005 GFT 100 Colors 006 GFT 100 Colors 008 GFT 100 Colors 010 GFT 100 Colors
GFT 100 Interiors by Anthony Spay/Colors by Ivan Nunes

Grimm Fairy Tales #100 arrives in stores July 16th and sets the stage for the brand new twelve part Realm War series, which is a direct continuation of the events that occur during issue 100.

Realm War 1 Cover E by Anthony Spay/Colors by Ivan Nunes

“Simply put, Realm War is a twelve issue ‘what if’ extension of Grimm Fairy Tales #100,” says Zenescope Editor-in-Chief and series co-creator, Ralph Tedesco “It’s epic, action-packed, and extremely fun. Hardcore fans and readers who are enjoying the Age of Darkness story arc are going to love this. Yet it begins at a point where new readers can jump on very easily.”

Meanwhile, Zenescope will be forging along with Grimm Fairy Tales #101, set for an August release that will run concurrently to Realm War. But #101 will begin a brand new, separate story arc that Zenescope says will not be a reboot of the franchise, but will definitely be new-reader friendly.

GFT 101 Cover A by Artgerm

“The new GFT arc will be a great jumping on point for new readers looking to begin the series without any confusion. The events of Grimm Fairy Tales #101 will begin in a different reality than those occurring simultaneously in the Realm War series,” says Tedesco.”And readers can choose to pick up either or both series without feeling like they’ve missed something. But for those who choose to read both, the mystery of the separate story lines will definitely pay off at the end of Realm War.”

“We spent a lot of time on working this all out,” stated Zenescope President and story co-creator Joe Brusha. “The idea with Realm War is to give long-time fans the big payoff they deserve after following this series for nine years. And that’s important to us. Meanwhile with Grimm Fairy Tales #101, we’re able to simultaneously start something both fresh yet familiar that’s easy for new readers to jump into while still appeasing the seasoned fans. With these two series, readers are literally getting the best of both worlds.”